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    18 Perfect Date Locations In Liverpool

    Or should that be... Loverpool? (Sorry.)

    1. An adventure through Sefton Park.

    Via Flickr: 24557420@N05

    It may be a tad outside the city centre, but a short bus ride will whisk you away to a a picturesque, romantic setting. Particularly gorgeous in spring.

    2. A visit to FACT.


    Yes, it may be known as a cinema (which is a decent date location in itself), but is by no means your average one. This place is home to creative exhibitions, and has a great cafe and bar to enjoy, even if you're not intent on watching a film.

    3. Alternatively, a stroll around the Albert Dock is (literally) a breath of fresh air.

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: bevgoodwin

    There are plenty of shops and places to eat amidst the heritage of the docks, but it's genuinely a lovely place for wandering. Oh, and there's a gorgeous waterfront view.

    4. Soak up some culture at the Walker Art Gallery.

    Via Flickr: arthurjohnpicton

    If you're after a bit of cultural discussion, this is ideal, whereby you can visit statue and sculpture rooms. What's more, it's a brief walk from Lime Street station and is free to get in.

    5. A drink at the Berry and Rye.

    6. An evening of comedy at The Slaughter House.


    If you're after a laugh, then you won't regret going to The Slaughter House. It plays host to top quality, well-known comedians. And to sweeten the deal even more, tickets are reasonably priced at under £20.

    7. Liverpool One.

    Via Flickr: saralparker

    If retail therapy does it for you, then L1 will tick that box. But this is far more than just a shopping complex. Not only is its architecture breathtaking, but there's plenty to do besides shop. It's also the largest open air structure of its kind in the UK.

    8. Take the Sightseeing Liverpool tour.

    Via Flickr: bevgoodwin

    If you fancy showing off the wonders of the city to your date, then why not give them a taste of the famous Liver Buildings, the Anglican Cathedral, World Museum, and St George's Hall?

    9. Absinthe cocktails at Some Place.


    A different kind of date location that isn't as hardcore as it sounds. With a somewhat exclusive feel, sipping on an absinthe cocktail in this hidden away bar is a good way to spend your evening in the city centre with someone.

    10. Terrace conversation at The Attic.

    11. Alma De Cuba's stunning interior.

    12. An unforgettable meal in Chinatown.

    Via Flickr: arthurjohnpicton

    Home to the oldest Chinese community anywhere in Europe, if you're after some authentic cuisine, the options are vast. And it's only brisk walk from the heart of the city centre.

    13. A relaxing afternoon at the beach.

    Via Flickr: gogovisual

    Crosby may boast the famous Iron Men statues that litter its shoreline, but a bit further down the road is Formby's scenic, peaceful and rather wonderful beach.

    14. Lunch at Moose Coffee.

    15. Taking it easy at Oh Me Oh My.

    16. Lark Lane's Moon and Pea.

    17. The unrivalled atmosphere of Mathew Street.

    18. An intimate evening at Jenny's.

    Mark McNulty / Via

    Just off Fenwick Street, Jenny's is perfect for an intimate few hours – steady on – at one of their private booths or tables. It's another hidden gem that'll impress a date with its cosy, inviting atmosphere and adventurous cocktails.

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