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The Ballad Of Cymbal Kid In Four GIFS

This is the new standard by which heroes will be measured.

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It began like any other performance of "The Star Spangled Banner" at the EJH Red & White concert. With precision and excellence.

And then, the tragic and unthinkable happened to the percussion section's usually unflappable number one cymbal drummer. A slippery cymbal catastrophe!

Frightened and confused and feeling the bass drummer's icy glare, Cymbal Kid hurried to recover his fallen instrument. But it was no use, this was truly an epic fail.

And then our hero, possessed with a newfound stoic grace reached deep inside his heroic Cymbal Kid heart and made...the most epic recovery.

No, Cymbal Kid...we salute YOU.

Watch Cymbal's Kid heroic triumph in its entirety.

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