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"In The Way" Guy Is The New Meme Where This Guy Ruins Every Photo

Dude, get out of the shot!

The original photo of this awkward white nerd ruining a beautiful moment.

Ruining this photo of a sailor kissing a woman in Times Square after hearing Japan surrendered, effectively ending World War II.

And the most iconic album cover in rock 'n' roll history.

And this brave moment in Tianamen Square.

He ruined that time Kanye tried to Kanye Taylor Swift.

As well as this photo documenting the siege on Normandy in 1944.

He got in the way at Obama's second inauguration. Look how disgusted Boehner is with "In The Way" guy.

"Really, bloke?" – Wills

Spoiler aler... wait, nope.

Add your own "In The Way" guy to a photo and help him ruin every iconic image in history.