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    31 Products That Will Make Your Coworkers Wish They Sat At Your Desk

    You’ll never want to work from home again!

    1. Show off your personality to your coworkers by having light-up sign that you can update on the daily.

    2. If you’ve ever eaten at your desk (and — let’s face it — we’ve all done it at least once), then you NEED this mini desk vacuum to help clean up any crumbs or stray bits.

    3. Pretend you’re a lot more organized than you actually are by adding this storage organizer to your work area.

    4. Whenever you wish you were out living life rather than stuck in the office, turn to your digital picture frame to help you look back at happier memories. So as you work away you can be reminded of grandma's 80th birthday party and that time Jim in HR took a selfie on your camera.

    5. Sitting for 8+ hours a day in front of a computer can wreak havoc on your back. But you can alleviate some of that pain with a supportive memory foam seat cushion and back pillow.

    6. Really get on top of your work duties with this gorgeous weekly planner, which will make each task you perform seem less like a chore. And you’ll be less likely to forget anything, too!

    7. You won’t ever be dehydrated again once you get this motivational water bottle that gives you timely goals on when you should give yourself a hydration boost. Your boss needs that report for 3:30 p.m., but you have to drink half your water bottle by 3 p.m. Priorities!

    8. Type on your keyboard and slide your mouse around with ease with this extra-large comfy mouse pad mouse pad that’s so big, you’ll never run out of room.

    9. No one like loose and messy wires cluttering up their desk,but these cable clips will keep them organized and your desk area tidy! Move over, Einstein, because there’s a new genius in town: the person who invented these things.

    10. Whether you have a laptop or desktop computer, a monitor riser will instantly increase the storage area of your desk. It features built-in shelves and pockets, plus it helps keep your screen level with your eyeline, so you can focus better.

    11. This small portable mirror will save you the trouble of asking your coworker if you have food stuck in your teeth from lunch.

    12. Accidents happen — especially if you’re guzzling coffee or water at your desk all day long — but this keyboard cover will have you prepared for any occasion.

    13. This power bar with USB ports sits right on your desk, so you don’t have to bend down or crawl under your desk every time you want to plug in your laptop, charger, or million other things that need power. How’s that for multi-tasking?

    14. It can be difficult being the hottest person in the office, but you can prevent overheating with an adorable USB desk fan.

    15. Or, if you’re ALWAYS cold at your desk, this handy-dandy portable mini heater will fix your heat problems once and for all.

    16. And if you’re still shivering at your desk, this Hudson's Bay blanket will keep you warm and toasty while also showing off your Canadian pride.

    17. Take a few moments of relaxation with this diffuser disguised as a cactus. Your office area will smell great, all while making you look like a great plant parent. (Just make sure your coworkers don’t mind the scent!)

    18. This marble business card holder will hold all your cards all while looking marble ous.

    19. Bring a portable Crock-Pot to work so you can enjoy a hot and tasty lunch, while avoiding the crazy line at the office microwave.

    20. Don’t let your desk space be dark and gloomy, because investing in a personal desk lamp will help lighten up your day.

    21. Keep a set of reusable stainless steel reusable cutlery at your desk, because you never know when you’ll forget to bring some — or when the office kitchen will run out.

    22. Diamonds are everyone’s best friend, and this set of diamond pens will make taking notes a whole lot fancier.

    23. This personalized name plate, which will save everyone the embarrassment of trying to remember your name. Julie the intern will appreciate the fact that she can just read your name to find out whose coffee order she’s getting.

    24. This cell phone stand will keep your phone in clear view at all times (so you won’t keep misplacing it), and will also help you focus on your work and only pay attention to the important notifications.

    25. This coffee mug that will tell all your coworkers about your sweet skills.

    26. No one wants to get sick, and in an office, germs are EVERYWHERE! These disinfecting wipes will help keep your work space clean and your health in check

    27. Sitting inside for eight hours can drive you nuts, but these fake plants will help provide the illusion of what outside nature looks like.

    28. Don’t be the coworker who listens to music loudly or takes calls on speakerphone — these wireless earbuds will let you listen without bugging everyone around you.

    29. Keeping a stress ball on hand will help you release your frustration in a healthy way whenever Derrick from IT gets to be a little too much to handle.

    30. This under desk foot rest rest that will help if your work desk is too tall, or if you need to relieve some back pain.

    31. This flip countdown clock gives your office a retro touch, and it shows your coworkers that not only are you sophisticated, but you sure as heck are leaving exactly at 5 p.m.! Counting down the minutes ’til it’s hometime has never been more fun.

    Now that your desk is fully stocked, your coworkers will be checking out your space to get nifty ideas for their own. Just make sure you’re still getting work done!