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    14 Disney Faces That Perfectly Sum Up Your Tinder Experience

    Be your guest...? Unlikely.

    1. When your phone notifies you that you have a new match:

    2. When you realize you accidentally swiped right when you meant to swipe left:

    3. When there's more than one person in the person's profile picture:

    4. When a cute person messages you first and you're trying to play it cool:

    5. When you don't match with the person you thought would be your new bae:

    6. When your friends catch you messaging someone on Tinder:

    7. When you see a picture of someone who is extremely fit and you're like:

    8. When you're trying to convince someone you have your life together:

    9. When a Tinder match wants to take you out to dinner and is willing to pay:

    10. When you see your ex on Tinder and instantly swipe left (no point in making that mistake twice):

    11. When someone wants to be friends with benefits and you're considering it because they're a 10/10 :

    12. When you swipe right on your friend and days have gone by and they still haven't matched with you:

    13. When a Tinder match asks for your number and you're not sure if you're ready for that type of commitment:

    14. When you match with someone who you can actually see a future with:

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