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    22 Charcoal Products That You Should Probably Already Be Using

    More like charCOOL, amiright?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Charcoal is God's gift to the world. There, I said it. It can be used for SO MANY THINGS: cooking, cleaning, dental hygiene, bathing, beauty, health purposes — the list goes on and on. Here are some of the most recommended charcoal products on Amazon, so over time, you too can shine bright like a diamond!

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    1. This natural teeth whitening powder is infused with coconut and charcoal to bring you a naturally whiter smile. It even comes with its own toothbrush!

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    Not to brag but this teeth whitener has over 520 positive reviews praising how quick it works and how inexpensive it is. Your mouth and sink will get a little messy with charcoal, but that will wash away with a little bit of H20.

    Price: $18.99 (comes in a set of two: two whitening powders and two toothbrushes).

    2. I'm about to go off on you about how much I LOVE the Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strip. If you’re prone to blackheads on your nose (like me) this pore strip will help rip those suckers out, leaving you looking smoother than a baby’s bottom.

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    I have very sensitive skin and I'm super prone to breaking out, especially when I try new skincare products. What I love about this charcoal pore strip is it just sits on your nose like a bandage for a couple of minutes; when you remove it, off come your blackheads! It's simple, easy to use, and has worked wonders for me. Just don’t be grossed out with how much gunk is extracted from your nose when you see the strip afterwards.

    Price: $11.97 (comes with 14 nose strips).

    3. On the topic of peels, we can’t talk about charcoal without talking about those iconic charcoal peel-off face masks. If you have blackheads and blemishes all over your face, then this mask could be the solution to your skin troubles.

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    This double set combo helps clear the skin of breakouts and overall makes the skin look firmer and younger. Who needs Botox when all you need is charcoal, amiright?

    Price: $11.97 (comes with two facial masks: charcoal and gold collagen, plus a face mask brush for easy application).

    4. Why limit to just using charcoal on your face? Sometimes we break out on other parts of our bodies, too. Luckily, there's this charcoal detoxifying soap bar. It's vegan friendly, helps soothe irritated skin, and can be used on your face or body.

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    The soap bar is for all skin types, and it helps to brighten the skin and detoxify any acne issues you may have.

    Price: $18.99 (comes with three bars of soap).

    5. Remember when I said charcoal can literally do anything? Well, I really meant it! This charcoal stick can help filter your drinking water. That's right — charcoal can clean water! The best part is you don't have to throw the sticks out after using them. Just boil them every two weeks for 10 minutes, let them dry, and then they're ready to use again for purifying!

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    Way more eco-friendly than other water filters, this charcoal stick is made from Japanese binchotan charcoal, which absorbs impurity in water to turn the water pure. You only need one stick for a water bottle, and two if you're serving a jug.

    Price: $28.95 (comes with six charcoal sticks).

    6. Similar to charcoal sticks, there are charcoal water filter bags, which basically look like tea bags but do everything a water filter would. They can filter up to a year’s worth of water before needing to be replaced.

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    They’re environmentally friendly, which is an added bonus.

    Price: $26.88 for a pack of 12 and $29.88 for a pack of 36.

    7. This multi-purposed charcoal powder that can be used for all kinds of things: teeth whitening, skin care, etc. Reviewers even rave about how easily it mixes with other liquids, making it great for creating a detoxifying drink.

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    If your insides aren’t feeling so great, mixing this powder with some water and lemonade makes for the perfect detoxifier.

    Price: $19.99 for one pound, $29.99 for two pounds, $7.99 for one ounce or get an eight ounce bag for $10.49.

    8. These Garnier charcoal-infused towelettes help draw out pore-clogging dirt, impurities, oils, and makeup — leaving your skin looking and feeling healthy.

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    I get VERY oily skin in the summer and this was the perfect face wipe to remove the oil in my skin and balance out my pH level. Easy to carry around in a backpack and my roommate loved how easily it removed her makeup. Highly recommend giving these wipes a try!

    Price: $8.97 (comes with 25 wipes).

    9. Did you know charcoal can eliminate odors and actually purify the air around it? A charcoal air purifying bag will help remove those nasty smells in your car, closet, and shoes. Charcoal is that girl who can do it all!

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    This deodorizer bag has no added fragrances or chemicals and is non toxic, meaning it’s 100% safe and natural. It can last up to two years of use. Check out one BuzzFeeder’s review of these purifying bags!

    Price: $13.95 for one or you can get a pack of four for $47.99.

    10. Take charcoal into the shower with this charcoal shower gel for your face, body, and hair! It works to extract dirty from the body without drying it out and has been dermatologist approved.

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    Some reviewers credit this product as great for the elderly with skin conditions that cause itching. Its soothing formula helps ease skin irritations, and the charcoal ensures your skin doesn’t dry up.

    Price: $2.97.

    11. Look: everyone farts. Your celebrity crush, your parents, the love of your life – everyone. Help control them a little better with some charcoal pills that help intestinal disorders such as gas or diarrhea.

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    These charcoal pills don't have any artificial flavours or colours, as well as no preservatives, sweeteners, dairy, corn, soy, gluten, wheat, or yeast. As you should with any medication, consult with your doctor before ordering.

    Price: $14.99 (comes with 90 capsules).

    12. Even Crest has jumped on the charcoal train with their Crest 3D White charcoal toothpaste. It’s not completely black, so it won’t stain your skin like other charcoal products might, but you’ll still get the exact same result!

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    Price: $4.98.

    13. You can even use a charcoal menstrual pad — it’ll soak up the liquid and odors during that time of the month. I wasn’t lying when I said charcoal does it all!

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    The fabric is made to feel super comfortable for sensitive skin, so disposable pads can’t even hold a candle to it.

    Price: $6.59.

    14. Charcoal can also help clean things other than your body. With some horticultural charcoal you can rub a little bit to remove rust on old objects, you can mix some in with soil to help keep your plants alive, and of course it’s great for helping start a fire in the bonfire pit.

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    Price: $36.46.

    15. You can brush your teeth and do a face mask at the same time with the ecologically sourced charcoal powder! Not only will it do wonders for your teeth and skin, but the company that make it prides itself in ensuring no old-growth forests have been affected in the production of their charcoal items.

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    This product is all natural with no added filters to ensure you're getting the top quality charcoal that you and your body deserve.

    Price: $10.99.

    16. Okay, there’s ANOTHER charcoal product I personally have used (can you tell I love charcoal?). This charcoal cleaning cleanser extracts the oil from your skin to clear acne and fix damaged pores. I started noticing a massive difference in my oil levels after just one week.

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    Great for everyday use, this product just pumps into your hands, lathers onto your face, and helps keep your skin looking its best.

    Price: $7.97.

    17. All right, I have ONE more charcoal product I love using and it’s this charcoal face wash. It’s designed for men’s skin, so if you have a beard like me, it will go beyond the hair to ensure a proper clean.

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    At this point, you’re probably like, “Okay, this boy loves charcoal A LOT.” To be fair, this is a bestselling product, so if you don’t trust me when I talk about the power of charcoal, you should at least believe 160+ positive reviews. If there's a guy in your life who needs some skin care help, or if you're the guy who needs the skin care help, this charcoal face wash is designed for men's skin and has worked wonders for me!

    Price: $9.97. L'Oreal also has other charcoal products, such as their charcoal scrub for $10.99 and their daily charcoal face wash for $10.99.

    18. No one wants bad breath, but this charcoal bad breath destroyer will give your tastebuds a wake-up call. It works at removing coffee stains from your mouth, all while leaving your breath fresh by cleaning your tongue of leftover food particles.

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    Not only does it destroy bad breath, it focuses on whitening your teeth at the same time. We STAN fresh breath!

    Price: $10.99 (comes with toothpaste, toothbrush, and tongue cleaner).

    19. Did you know that a lot of protein powders that you drink post-workout can make your breath smell really bad? A good way to combat that is adding some bulking charcoal powder to your protein shakes. It will diffuse the bad breath and you’ll hardly notice that’s even in your drink! (Except for the colour change, that is.)

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    Did you also know that adding some charcoal powder to a cut, scrape, or bite can help the healing process? Reviewers have noted this about this charcoal powder.

    Price: $21.99.

    20. Keep this charcoal air freshener in your fridge to help keep your fruits and veggies fresh for longer! It cleans the air by trapping odor, removes excess moisture, and stops mildew and mold from growing.

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    And hey, if you get a stomach ache from eating all your still-fresh food, you can always drink some charcoal powder to make you feel better.

    Price: $9.99 for a pack of two, $16.99 for a pack of four, and $36.99 for a pack of 12.

    21. Some charcoal foam will help make bathtime a fun time. This bathing foam uses a combination of charcoal and black lava salt to help cleanse skin and leave it looking refreshed. Plus, bubble baths are just plain GOOD.

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    Price: $7.98.

    22. This natural charcoal teeth whitening kit is the most-reviewed and highest-praised charcoal product on Amazon. With more than 2,250 positive reviews, that means a lot of people are walking around with whiter smiles thanks to this product.

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    Being No. 1 isn’t everything, but it sure does help. Plus it’s Canadian!

    Price: $11.97 for 50g, $10.98 for 30g, and $18.97 for 80g.

    Give yourself that Lizzo self-love and self-care you deserve and enjoy a charcoal product!

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