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    23 Board Games That Are Actually Fun For Adults

    It's all fun and games until the tea is spilled.

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    1. Ever wonder which one of your friends lives a double life? Play a game of Never Have I Ever and you'll quickly learn the truth about everyone you know.

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    This is a NSFW version of the classic game. Players are given poor life decision cards and with each play card they either have to admit, ask, or guess. The cards will ask questions like "Never have I ever lied to my parents" to "Never have I ever been with someone twice my age". Leave your shame at the door and let the truth come out!

    For four to 12 players.

    Price: $34.99. There are also two expansion packs available.

    2. Friendship usually brings out the best in you, but after a game of Bad People - The Party Game You Probably Shouldn't Play everyone will get to know your dark side.

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    In this game, you'll be asked brutally honest questions and everyone will then vote on who they think is the worst person. Bad People is a guarantee good time with over 150 questions.

    For three to 10 players.

    Price: $29.95. There are also many expansion packs such as: NSFW Brutal Pack, the Red Pack and more.

    3. Move over Monopoly because there's a new board game in town and it involves alcohol. Drinkopoly plays tribute to the classic game, but adds in a fun adult twist.

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    If you're ready for a social and forgettable night then Drinkopoly will be the game for you and your friends. Reviewers have praised this game as great ice breaker to play with a room of people you just met / don't know well.

    For two to six players.

    Price: $35.33.

    4. Even the smartest person in the world would struggle playing F**k. The Game - The Original Aussie Party Game. This pocket-friendly game tricks your brain and if you mess up, your liver will suffer for it.

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    It might look like a simple card game, but it uses psychological phenomenon know as the Stroop effect, which uses colours and words to mess with your head and delay your brain’s response.

    For two to four players.

    Price: $19.95.

    5. What's more fun than taking a shot? Spinning a wheel to find out who has to take the shot. Barbuzzo Wheel of Shots - The Perfect Party Drinking Game is a great pre-game activity.

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    This boozy game isn't just portable, but it's extremely easy to play. Just pick your poison, spin the wheel, and see where the night goes.

    For one or more players.

    Price: $19.99+. Available in seven different styles.

    6. Twister has always been THE party game. Better yet who said you can't make it into a drinking game?!

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    Make up your own rules! Did you try to put your right hand on red but fail miserably? Time for a drink!

    For two to six players.

    Price: $18.71. Also available: Twister Blindfold and Twister Ultimate.

    7. Looking for a game that everyone can play right away without getting confused by instructions? How about Quick And Dirty? It takes 30 seconds to learn the rules and you can play with up to 20 players.

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    All you have to do is pick a category card, read it out loud, then flip a letter card. The first person to yell an answer that starts with the letter on the letter card AND that fit's the category wins. And of course, the losers need to have a drink.

    For two to 20 players.

    Price: $19.90. The Flirty Fun Expansion Pack is also available.

    8. Calling all '90s kids! Get ready for a game that combines old school board games with new age drinking games: DRINK-A-PALOZZA.

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    If you like Beer Pong, Kings Cup, Flip Cup, and other old school games, this is for you. DRINK-A-PALOZZA is a fun drinking game and has some pretty impressive reviews.

    For two to 12 players.

    Price: $34.99.

    9. If you thought Jenga was hard, you have another thing coming for you. Tipsy Tower put a drinking twist on the classic block-stacking game.

    Amazon / Via

    With over 50 blocks, the possibilities for what questions you'll be tasked is endless.

    For two or more players.

    Price: $34.95.

    10. Don't you just love it when things are straight to the point? Well, with a game like These Cards Will Get You Drunk the name is pretty self-explanatory.

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    The rules are very simple. Go around in a circle and take turns pulling a card from the deck and the card will do the rest. You'll compete, vote, and screw your friends over with over 100 different cards.

    For two to eight players.

    Price: $19.99.

    11. If you're looking for a slightly twisted game with dirty humour, Disturbed Friends is perfect for you. We won't judge you for playing, we promise.

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    This game has 250 disturbing and offensive questions that players draw in order to determine what you think your friends would do in horrible situations. The game can be played up to 10 players and comes with some pretty hilarious cartoon graphics.

    For four to 10 players.

    Price: $35.00.

    12. The classic saying That's What She Said has been turned into a game and Michael Scott is definitely somewhere jumping with joy.

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    If you have a dirty mind, then this is the perfect game to you. In this twisted game of innuendos players have to match hilarious red cards with their funniest white cards. Play it at your birthday, pre-games, bachelorette parties, and more.

    For four or more players.

    Price: $22.46

    13. We all know our search history can get a little risky. But the game Search History takes everything to the next level.

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    Search History has taken the world's most searched phrases and removed the end of each phrase. It's up to players to complete the sentence, and whoever guesses correctly gets to keep the card There's no incognito mode in this game. You've been warned.

    For four or more players.

    Price: $35.00. There is also a Search History: Family Edition available.

    14. Stop looking at memes on your phone and help create them IRL with What Do You Meme?

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    Match the funniest captions with the meme photo selected in order to be crowned meme royalty. The game comes with over 365 captions and 75 photos, not to mention there are MANY great expansion packs.

    For three to 20 players.

    Price: $39.99 There are also many expansion packs such as: NSFW, Mean Girls, Stoner, and more.

    15. Instead of matching memes, New Phone, Who Dis? challenges players to complete texts in the best way possible.

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    No phones required to play this game and best part is no one gets left on read! Laugh out loud with this fun game as you read players hilarious responses to absurd text messages.

    For three to 20 players.

    Price: $29.99.

    16. Checkers Shot Glass makes checkers double the fun by replacing the checker pieces with shot glasses.

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    The basic rules for checkers still apply, expect when your piece is out of play, you have to take that shot. The game comes with a glass board, 13 frosted shot glasses, and 13 transparent shot glasses.

    For two players.

    Price: $33.98.

    17. If you're looking for a fun game to call your friends on their B.S, but want to remain anonymous during the process, then The Voting Game is about to become your best friend.

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    Players take turns grabbing a question card (for example: "Who is friends with someone that they would rather be dating?") then players vote on who they feel fits that description. The player who receives the most votes wins the round. Best part is that voting is completely anonymous, we love a democracy, but we also love being shady to the ones we love.

    For five to 10 players.

    Price: $30. There are also many expansion packs such as: NSFW, Fill in the Blank, Create Your Own, and more.

    18. We can't talk about party games without taking about the OG party game: Cards Against Humanity.

    Amazon / Via

    For four or more players.

    Price: $35.00. There are also many expansion packs such as: Canadian, 90s Nostalgia, College, and more.

    19. If you're a parent who also loves Cards Against Humanity, then KinderPerfect was basically made for you.

    Amazon / Via

    Take the pains of parenthood and turn it into an excuse to have some fun.

    For four or more players.

    Price: $29.99.

    20. How fast can you name three items with only five seconds to spare? Find out with the 5 Second Rule Uncensored card game.

    Amazon / Via

    Sure naming three reasons to have a drink seems easy to do, but can you do it under five seconds? This fun and uncensored game will keep you on your toes.

    For three or more players.

    Price: $24.93. The Original Family Friendly edition is also available.

    21. Find out where your friends feel about polarizing topics with What's Your Number? - NSFW Edition. Just don't be surprised when the truth gets revealed about everyone you thought you knew.

    Amazon / Via

    The game is simple to set up and always ends with people sharing funny memories after every round. Also great for those who like some friendly debates over drinks.

    For three to 16 players.

    Price: $35.00. The Family Edition is also available.

    22. How about The Hot Seat Card Game? It's inspired by the same game played on The Ellen Show, which puts players on the spot to answer burning questions.

    Amazon / Via

    The game has over 200 burning questions that will help you discover who knows you best and also who has all the direct on you. Bring back old memories, get called out for some of your personality traits, and do it all in the most loving way possible.

    For four to 10 players.

    Price: $27.99 . There are also many expansion packs such as: NSFW, and Even More.

    23. And finally, this best-selling drinking card game that will make sure everyone's feeling buzzed. Buzzed - This is The Drinking Game That Gets You and Your Friends Tipsy! I mean, that's the name of the game.

    Amazon / Via

    This game comes with 180 cards, which trust us, is definitely more than enough to have you feeling tipsy.

    For three to 20 players.

    Price: $24.99. Currently one expansion pack available.

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