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How The Internet Changed Our Lives: Dumbest Forums And Social Media Posts Collection

Have you ever heard someone saying: I am so bored, I have nothing to do because there is no internet. Yes, I know it sounds familiar! This is how things are nowadays. Our entire life is online, and a place with no wifi connection seems out of this world. The internet has taken the world by assault, influencing every single aspect of our lives. Our lifestyle has almost nothing in common with the way people used to live 20 years ago. What did the world before the web era look like? Who even tries to remember it…? How were we communicating, eating, reading, dating and loving? Some things seem impossible without the internet now, while some concepts seem to have been forgotten.

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Video Rental Stores for Books?

Of course, forums are great online communities where like-minded people share opinions and expertise. I personally learned a great deal just by reading forum posts. Whenever in doubt, I feel so much better that these online communities exist and shoot a question. So did he… After all, how could he know about libraries if he never visited one? It’s not his fault!

Why Do We Need Schools?

Yeah! That’s right! Why to waste so many hours every day? We don’t learn how to spell anyway, we confuse between Australia and Austria, we have calculators and use the spell checker.

Were There Maps Before Google Maps?

Really! I have the same question: how did people get around? Did anyone get out of the house before Google Maps? What about the dictionaries? Did they exist? Were there any translations made before Google Translate?

How Do I Express These Feelings?

How did we express our feelings before Facebook? How would we argue who loves whom more if it wasn’t for Facebook statuses? How would everyone see the selfies of the two of us making out, dressed in matching shirt or engaged in who knows what activity if Facebook did not exist?

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