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5 Reasons Why This Star Can Be A Politician

AllStar Matthew C Martino threw the political sector into overdrive in late 2013 after reports surfaced that the 21 year old could join the political ranks. However, aides close to the film producer/author have afterwards suggested that the young 'high society' bachelor can't run. We have then took it upon ourselves to compile reasons why we feel that Martino could run and could be a very successful politician at that.

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2. He is qualified

Don't be fooled by his age, Martino holds diplomas in Business, Marketing, Criminology & Health and Social Care. Not forgetting his aviation qualifications and other certificates under his belt.

3. He has the resources

Martino already controls a business empire worth £100k ($165k) which contributes to his £150k ($200k) net worth, which means even if he didn't get any financial backing he could self-fund his campaign.

4. He started from the bottom

Martino comes from humble beginnings in Zimbabwe and this means he would understand the needs of the working class needs of the general public.

5. He is a helper

Martino doesn't need to visit children's homes with toys to prove he loves helping people. He wrote Lets Fly a pilot manual which has information for aspiring pilots and a record 5000 and upwards copies went out free, He made an App with pilot information 'Lets Fly' which is currently free on the AppStore.

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