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    29 Ways You Didn't Know Harry Potter Could Be In Your Life

    Accio everything in your basket!

    1. A poster that could be more enchanting only if it were dancing through the walls.

    2. A light decal for illuminating a room with the flick of your wrist but — sadly — not a wand.

    3. A new way to spend yet another rainy, Harry Potter–filled day.

    4. A backpack with a way of ~trailing~ you.

    5. A personalized phone case for those who dare brave Azkaban.

    6. A Patronus to watch over you during even the darkest nights.

    7. A personalized portrait that'll ~almost~ make up for a very disappointing 12th birthday.

    8. A miniature keyring made by someone with a *giant* heart.

    9. A bookmark so you can keep your place after yet another night of dozing off to your favorite riddle.

    10. A set of underwear with way more options than the Sorting Hat ever offered.

    11. A Haggadah for a lesson in Passover from the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

    12. A tea cup revealing yet another *ominous* premonition by Professor Trelawney.

    13. A dainty tattoo to remind you of the ~proper~ pronunciation of this very important spell.

    14. A cosmetic bag set so you're never without your most bewitching trick: makeup.

    15. A coaster for your tea featuring the master of *brewing*.

    16. A personalized wand (even though we know the wand chooses you).

    17. A pillow that's a cross between the wizarding world's favorite drink spot and the Muggle world's.

    18. A cunning handbook of insults to *Slytherin* to your next battle with your nemesis.

    19. A planner to properly manage your mischief.

    20. A stern sticker to keep you focused on your studies.

    21. A ring with a trio to protect you from Death. Just kidding. You'll look really cute, though.

    22. A puzzle for mapping out a night of ~spellbinding~ focus.

    23. A lip balm for a soul-sucking smooch.

    24. A sticker that'll transform your own humble lavatory into a portkey.

    25. A deck of playing cards to put a sorcerous spin on Muggle games.

    26. A pen and bookmark that look like Dumbledore's wand for a most powerful study tool.

    27. A candle blend of warm spices for a cozy day in Hogwart's Great Hall.

    28. A coloring book overflowing with intricate illustrations of everything from the Forbidden Forest to Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, waiting to be brought to life.

    29. And a mug with a compelling summoning charm for some *potent* magic.

    Professor McGonagall approves.