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    34 Magical Ideas For The Ultimate "Harry Potter" Party

    Accio a good time!

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    1. Owl out impressive invitations printed to look like the Hogwarts letter you never got (they even come with detachable tickets to the Hogwarts express!).

    2. And make sure to keep those invites from the prying eyes of any wannabe Dursleys with a real wax seal, stamped with the Hogwarts crest, natch.

    3. Sort your guests into Houses as soon as they walk in — set out a plate of cupcakes, each filled with a different color frosting (green for Slytherin, yellow for Hufflepuff, etc). Take a breath, take a bite, and let the Sorting Cupcake speak!

    4. But seat partygoers under the Sorting Hat anyway to lend the whole ceremony a little extra gravitas.

    5. Hang a brick backdrop in the doorway (with a secret openening) so people can pass through it to head to platform 9 3/4.

    6. Serve up some non-alcoholic Butter(scotch) beer in the comfort of your home. "Sorry Madame Rosmerta, we can't make it to the Three Broomsticks tonight!"

    7. Or brew up a little extra magic with any of BuzzFeed's recipes for themed cocktails, like Felix Felicis, Amortentia, Unicorn Blood, and more!

    8. And you know you've got to serve your cocktails or pumpkin juice in disposable goblets for peak Great Hall vibes.

    9. Cast protego on your coffee table with a set of four coasters with embossed metal fronts to proudly display each of the four Houses of Hogwarts.

    10. Add a touch of the forbidden (or at least the Forbidden Forest) by welcoming Aragog and his family.

    11. Check our very own guide to creating a Hogwart's-style feast, including recipes for pumpkin pasties, treacle tarts, roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and (of course) Butterbeer.

    12. Celebrate your recent Quidditch victory with a batch of cake pops that look like Golden Snitches. You'll want to ~catch~ these just like Harry did in his first-ever match.

    13. Or for a slightly easier treat, transfigure Ferrero Rocher truffles into Snitches by just adding a pair of paper wings.

    14. Be your very own Trolley witch and whip up a whole cart full of chocolate frogs. Just melt your favorite kind of chocolate, fill these molds, and voila!

    15. Cap off the feast (you know Ron Weasley'd still have room) with a plate full of Butterbeer krispy treats. They're so easy, a first year Potions student could make them.

    16. House all of your sweet treats in a display that looks like a giant Bertie Botts box. It'll make you feel like you live inside of Honeydukes itself.

    17. Cast a permanent sticking charm on this decal and adhere it to your toilet so everyone knows it's actually the entrance to the Ministry of Magic.

    18. String up flameless candles with clear fishing line (or attach them to your windows with the included suction cups) for a perfect ~floating candle~ effect to rival the Great Hall on Halloween!

    19. Call Madame Hooch and play a rousing game of table Quidditch to really get the party started. You'll never play boring old Muggle beer pong again.

    20. Set up a game of Wizard's Chess in the corner for some intense (but not under-the-trap-door intense) gaming.

    21. Or if you're extending the party to your patio, DIY a game of Quidditch corn hole.

    22. Pretend you're taking the O.W.L.s and get competitive with a came of Harry Potter trivial pursuit. You'll sure find out who the Hermione is of your friend group.

    23. Or set up a crafting corner and brew up sparkly slimes in the potion formula of your choice.

    24. And store your new slimes, I mean potions, in vintage jars or vials complete with printable potion labels.

    25. If you're hosting younger students, play a downloadable game of "pin the scar on the Harry."

    26. Blast ALL the movie soundtracks on Amazon Music Unlimited to set the right tone to your soiree.

    27. Get the look of the Owlery (but with 100% less owl poop) by inflating white balloons printed with the likeness of Hedwig herself.

    28. Section off secret rooms with a Fat Lady door cling — you'll definitely need the password to get by. Spoiler alert: it's "Caput Draconis." Again.

    29. Make your home feel considerably more like the Hogwarts castle with a party package of stairway, torch, and window decals. But unlike the real deal, these staircases won't trick you.

    30. Set up a ~criminally cool~ photo booth with these props so your favorite pics look like Azkaban mugshots. Pro tip: take some Boomerangs so they look like wizarding photographs, too.

    31. Make your mark by setting up a (temporary) tattoo studio. And unlike a Dark Mark, these'll only last 1-5 days.

    32. Skip the trip to Diagon Alley and get chosen by your very own homemade wand. No tracking down phoenix feathers required; just swirl some hot glue on a chopstick and paint!

    33. Add small details that help create an immersive feel, like hanging Hogwarts letters (i.e. addressed envelopes) on invisble threat from the fireplace.

    34. And consult the Unofficial Harry Potter Party Book for even more recipes, games, and ideas.