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Things Aussie Primary School Kids Experienced In The ‘90s Vs ‘00s

“What do you mean sauce for my sausage roll is 20c extra?!?!?"

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1. On teachers' tools.

Flickr / opengridscheduler / Creative Commons / Smart Technologies / Via

The upgrade from the blackboard to whiteboard meant less dust... but more permanent marker mishaps.

2. On stationery.

Thinkstock / Instagram / rbowlz / Via

In the ‘90s you had to deal with a big ol’ 30cm wooden ruler that fit in nothing. By the time the ‘00s rolled around you could bend that bad boy every which way to fit into your pencil case.

3. On decorative stationery.

Discount School Supply / Instagram / melanie_katz / Via

The ‘90s had textas which made doodling much quicker whereas the ‘00s had blow pens which were a whole lot of mess, but a whole lot of fun.

5. On computer accessibility.

Flickr / hibino / Terry McCombs / Creative Commons

You were lucky if your classroom even had one computer in the ‘90s. The ‘00s saw the rise of computer labs and of course, games being played in Miniclips.

6. On encyclopedias.

Flickr / Creative Commons / Diego Andres / Wikipedia

Copying your homework off the internet wasn't really an option in the ‘90s so you made do with an Encarta CD-rom.

7. On reading material.

Scholastic / Bloomsbury Publishing / Warner Bros. Television /

The ‘90s were the year of Goosebumps, Animorphs and The Babysitters Club. Then the '00s swapped the gruesomeness of Goosebumps for the magical world of wizards as Harry Potter mania took off.

8. On school yard games.

Wikimedia / Flickr / NaomiPeacockPhotography / Creative Commons

An elastic was all you needed for lunch time fun in the '90s. But by '00s, everyone’s bags were branded with the Scoobies they had made at lunch time.

9. On lunch orders.

Mikey Nicholson / Michelle Rennex

In the ‘90s you'd get a sausage roll with sauce and change from a fiver, but in the ‘00s sauce was separate and you’d need way more than a couple of gold coins.

11. On collectables.

Flickr / Nikki Hunt / Zlatko Unger / Creative Commons

Whether it was Tazos in the '90s or Pokemon cards in the '00s, you probably lost the items, or they got banned. Either way, it broke your soul.

12. On music devices.

Flickr / Creative Commons / Robert Leverington / Karl Baron

‘90s kids rocked a Walkman if they were lucky, and you were the coolest in the ‘00s if you had an mp3 player (which probably only held 10 songs).

15. On after school TV shows.

ABC / Nine Network

The ‘90s was all about the Aussie comedy classics like Round the Twist, whereas the ‘00s had some serious horse drama with The Saddle Club.

16. On reality singing shows.

Channel 7 / Sony BMG

While Popstars gave the late ‘90s a banger of a track in "Poison", Australian Idol gifted '00s kids with Guy Sebastian and Matt Corby.

17. On pre-teen heartthrobs.

Stewart Cook / Stringer / Kevin Winter

Leonardo DiCaprio entered hearts in Titanic and we just never let go. Whereas every '00s kid wanted a slice of Jesse McCartney’s "Beautiful Soul".

18. On footwear.

Flickr / luna715 / Creative Commons / Instagram / xtishoes

Platform sneakers were all the rage in the '90s, but they never got you around quite as fast as roller sneakers did in the '00s.

19. On boys' hairstyles.

Buena Vista Pictures / Warner Bros.

For the boys, the '90s were all about the long and flowing strands, unlike the '00s where 15kg of gel for spikes that could kill was all the rage.

20. On girls' hairstyles.

NBC / Junko Kimura

The '90s for girls was all about the butterfly clips. In the '00s every girl was begging for GHD for christmas so they could get that dead-straight-chic look.

21. On operating systems.

Flickr / Creative Commons / Eurritimia/ Brendan Loy

In the '90s the single classroom computer was running Windows, and it took about three years to boot up. The '00s saw the shift into computer labs running the latest series of Macintosh.

22. And on communications.

Thinkstock / Wikimedia / Creative Commons

In the ‘90s mobiles were scarce and days were lived care-free and messages were written down in note form. In the ‘00s you had your parent's old Nokia 3310… and tbh, it probably still works.

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