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    24 Videos That Prove TikTok Might Actually Be Better Than Vine

    I honestly do not understand TikTok but I love it so much.

    1. This highly confused mum:

    2. This Dora the Explorer revolution:

    3. This unexpected turn of events:

    4. This absolutely moving choir:

    5. And this moving cat:

    6. This emotional retelling:

    7. This precious smile:

    8. This beautiful remix:

    i’ve found my favorite tiktok ever.... this is it

    9. And this video that even the Black Eyed Peas would be proud of:

    I have been CACKLING at this video for the past FIFTEEN MINUTES I am CRYING

    10. This demonstration of love:

    11. This eerie encounter:

    12. This Star Wars reenactment:

    13. This warning to the world:

    14. And this even more serious one:

    Will definitely stay on her good side

    15. This Waluigi takeover:

    16. This captivating narrative:

    17. This quick mood change:

    Only this kind of Tik Tok video that I can accept 😂😂

    18. And this strange turn of events:

    (i can’t believe i actually downloaded this app) but guys i found the holy grail of tiktoks and i’m crying

    19. This set of new lyrics we never knew we needed:

    20. This...I'm not sure exactly what this is actually:

    21. And this equally confusing five finger explanation:

    i did it. i found the worst tik tok

    22. This ultimate betrayal:

    23. This rising superstar:

    24. And this fully-charged pup: