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14 Useful Study Hacks That'll Make Your Life A Little Bit Easier

Make study time just that little bit easier for yourself.

1. If you're at home, try to not wear pyjamas while you study.

2. Keep a big bottle or jug of water by your table.

3. Try turning your phone on airplane mode.

4. Create a guide of what to study and when.

5. Stick important bits of information you need to remember in places that you look at often.

6. Use different coloured highlighters, but only to highlight the important things.

7. Reward yourself after certain periods of studying.

8. Use Post-It notes to jot down information you're having a tough time remembering.

9. Or place your concise study notes up on your desk wall at eye level.

10. Schedule a solid block of sleep in your study plans.

11. Where possible, try to handwrite your notes.

12. But if you are typing instead of writing out your notes, use the font Times New Roman.

13. Don't listen to music you know and love.

14. And never feel guilty for taking a break.