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21 Things Kylie Jenner Like, You Know, Realised In 2016

"I feel like this year is really about, like, the year of just realising stuff."

As you all probably remember, 12 months ago Kylie Jenner dubbed 2016 the "year of realising stuff".

@Kylie Jenner / Via

And boy, oh boy, has she been realising all the things this year.

1. Like that no matter what she does, everyone will think she won't ever know what a chicken really is.

@kyliejenner / Via

2. Or that if your dogs aren't desexed, they're most likely going to have puppies together.

Snapchat: @kylizzlemynizzl / Via

3. She realised that it's better to make fun of yourself before anyone else has a chance to.

@kyliejenner / Via

4. Or rather, before anyTHING seizes the opportunity to.

Snapchat: @kylizzlemynizzl / Via

5. She realised that you should never piss off your petty brother.

@robkardashian / Via Twitter: @robkardashian

6. And that selfie-taking really puts you in your own lil' world.

Snapchat: @robphuckedme / Via

7. Her mind was opened to what one-day bleaching can do to your hair.

Snapchat: @kylizzlemynizzl / Via Twitter: @LinesofCel

As told by her quickly deleted snap.

8. And she figured out how time works, despite how emotional it makes her.

Snapchat: @kylizzlemynizzl

9. She also helped others realise that the Kar-trash-ians and the Kardashians are one in the same.

@kyliejenner / Via

With the help of a lil' costume makeup and a Hollywood bus tour.

10. And she realised that it's actually possible to "break" Google by selling Lip Kits.

Snapchat: @kylizzlemynizzl / Via

11. She realised that her strong suit was definitely not in the musical realm.

12. And that anyone who just uses water for their ramen is bland AF, just like their noodles.

13. She finally figured out that there's only one way to cook lasagna.

Snapchat: @kylizzlemynizzl

14. And that there are better ways to try to fry an egg.

Snapchat: @kylizzlemynizzl / Via

15. She realised that having your half-sister's ex-best friend and future sister-in-law’s man as your boyfriend really ain't all that bad.

Snapchat: @kylizzlemynizzl

16. And that the only suitable gift to give him (after he bought you a Ferrari while his got repossessed) was a new Bentley.

Snapchat: @kylizzlemynizzl

17. She realised that nightmares do come true when she literally got stuck in elevator.

Snapchat: @kylizzlemynizzl

18. And that getting other things, like a $20,000 Cartier bracelet, stuck on your wrist, isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Snapchat: @kylizzlemynizzl / Via

19. She realised that 2016 was really the year for lips...and for laughing at yourself.

Snapchat: Kylizzlemynizzl

20. Time and time again.

@kyliejenner / Via

21. And best of all, she realised that "realising stuff" makes for some damn good merch.

@kyliejenner / Via

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