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    Kendall Jenner Just Used Autotune To Sing About Her Vagina And Uh, Yeah, You Read That Right

    What a wild year 2018 has been already.

    We all know Kendall Jenner: supermodel, one-fifth of the Kardashian/Jenner sisterhood and... now, singer?

    Yep, Kendall Jenner features on Lil Dicky's new song "Freaky Friday" alongside Chris Brown, DJ Khaled, and Ed Sheeran.

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    What a mix.

    Sure, her part in the song is pretty minimal, but she still finds time to fit in a few lines about her vagina.

    Kendall uses autotune to talk about having a vagina, being able to explore it, and having the opportunity to finally understand how a woman works.

    It's safe to say people were just pretty damn confused by it all.

    I'm gonna need someone to explain to me wtf is going on in this Chris Brown/Lil Dicky video Why is this a song? Why is Kendall Jenner here? Whomst gave Kendall Jenner that dialogue? I need answers 😂😂😂

    Yo who gave Kendall Jenner permission to start sing😭💀

    kendall jenner just cameout as straight and now she discovered she has a vagina and can sing ??? truly the bravest woman

    @jtylerconway Somebody needs to edit out Kendall’s part 😂 wtf

    Lil Dicky got Kendall Jenner to sing about her vagina for 10 seconds. Fucking 🐐

    Oh well Kenny, keep on doing you.