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Teens Are Now Cussing Out Their Parents All Because Of The "Hell Challenge”

What in the hell is going on now.

We all know that teens love to do the most, but now they're just doing too much by cursing out their parents for a couple of likes.

Via Twitter: @mttmdave

The #hellchallenge calls for a person to ask their parent/s if "hell" is a curse word and to keep using it in the conversation.

People have been trying it, and...well, it's gone pretty much how you would expect it to.

While some parents have seen the fun in it...

I tried y'all but you know my dad's a clown😂😂 #hellchallenge

My Mom is the goat 😂😭 #hellchallenge

...others have really taken it to heart.

So my sister did the #hellchallenge to my mom 😅😅😅

But really, most parents have just had enough with all the goddamn games.

The "Hell Challenge" 😂😂 #HellChallenge

she turned around sooo quick 😂😂😂 #hellchallenge

#hellchallenge see this why I don't play with my mama

Luckily some people have had the brains to not even try their luck with this one.

This how my mom would be if I tried doing the #hellchallenge

me watching all yall being bold with ya parents #hellchallenge

  1. So what do you think? Is the #hellchallenge taking it a step too far?

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So what do you think? Is the #hellchallenge taking it a step too far?
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    Nah, it's all just in good fun.
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    Yeah these stupid games have got to stop.
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    Who gives a fuuuuuuuuck.