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21 Teens Who Are So Extra It Hurts

You just can't compete with teens.

1. This teen who was crowned homecoming queen in a Tyrannosaurus rex outfit.

still can't believe I won homecoming queen because of a T-Rex costume πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯

2. This teen who really, really likes beets.

Twitter: @caro_bearo / Via Twitter: @caro_bearo
Twitter: @caro_bearo / Via Twitter: @caro_bearo

3. This teen who made a terrible mistake at work.

I tried scaring my coworker but scared a customer instead :/

4. This teen and his magnificent school photos.

So I retook my senior photos & brought my ring light with me so my highlight would be poppin. I love being extra πŸ’€

5. Along with these equally glorious pictures.


6. This teen and her clean eating chicken strips.

7. This teen and her dedication to Bridesmaids and Crocs.

Twitter: @mollylee31 / Via Twitter: @mollylee31

8. And this fellow movie lover, who is obviously a massive Mulan fan.

Twitter: @junekyraaa / Via Twitter: @junekyraaa

9. This teen and her refusal to send shower snaps.

Twitter: @reese_hebert / Via Twitter: @reese_hebert

10. This teen who, for some reason, decided to match her parrot.

Twitter: @lxaldd / Via Twitter: @lxaldd

11. This teen who threw a birthday party for her dog, complete with a cake and candle.

Twitter: @JasmineGlanv47 / Via Twitter: @JasmineGlanv47

12. This teen who wanted to make up for being a consistently tardy student.

Twitter: @jennyhudak / Via Twitter: @jennyhudak

13. This teen who keeps a photo of Terry Crews close at all times.

Twitter: @MrDanielCabral / Via Twitter: @MrDanielCabral

14. This teen who really raised the bar on laziness.

FaceTiming my oven so I can see when my garlic bread is done.

15. This teen who claims Target hired him without knowing it.

Twitter: @jamesonclee / Via Twitter: @jamesonclee

16. This teen who really, really likes Drake.

Instagram: @champagnepapi / Via

17. And this one, who had to prove she doesn't want your man.

Twitter: @mayaleorab / Via Twitter: @mayaleorab
Twitter: @mayaleorab / Via Twitter: @mayaleorab

18. This teen, who misses Emma, whoever she is.

Reddit: @CringeAnarchy / Via

19. This shining angel, who wanted to send a reminder to his family.

Just to remind my family who the real angel is.

20. This teen, who should probably find a new roommate.

Twitter: @jessyjeanie / Via Twitter: @jessyjeanie

21. And these clever teens, who pretended to be pregnant just so they could smuggle watermelon into a cinema.

Twitter: @yungpripri / Via Twitter: @yungpripri
Twitter: @yungpripri / Via Twitter: @yungpripri