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21 Valentine’s Memes That Are Way Too Real For Single People

Love yourself like Kanye loves Kanye.

1. Everywhere you turn, you're bombarded with reminders about Valentine's Day.

2. And you realise that it's just a reminder for how single you are.

3. And for just how few people you talk to.

4. Or for just how few actually decide to respond to you.

5. And really, for how many people just don't want to be yours on the 14th.

6. Yet people are always questioning your relationship status.

7. And you often end up questioning it yourself too.

8. So you try to drown your sorrows as best you can.

9. Or you try to focus on the most important parts of life.

10. Because you know there are more important issues at hand.

11. But it's hard when all your mates have partners.

12. And all your favourite food joints are booked out.

13. So you become a little bitter...

14. ...and a little savage.

15. You struggle to understand what the big fuss about relationships even are.

16. And remember all the reasons why you're single.

17. Plus all the perks that come with being single.

18. Like the amount of money you save on gifts.

19. And how your real bae is always within arms reach.

20. Sure, you have your weak moments...

21. ...but at the end of the day it's OK because you know no one can love you as well as you can.