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    Posted on 12 Oct 2015

    21 Times Karl Stefanovic Proved He Was The Greatest Morning Show Host

    Karl Stefa-YAAASS-ovic.

    1. When Karl found out about "peacocking" and decided to try it out.

    Nine Network / Via

    2. When he couldn't take Lisa's comments.

    3. Or when he couldn't handle Ray Hadley's commentary.

    Nine Network / Via

    4. When Karl overexerted himself with push-ups and couldn't walk after.

    5. When he got drunk at the Logie's and still went on air.

    6. When he questioned how certain Dickie was.

    7. When Karl cracked a joke about Sam Kekovich.

    Nine Network / Via

    8. When he got a spray tan by Jennifer Hawkins.

    Nine Network / Via

    9. When he sashayed through the Tower of Terror.

    Nine Network / Via

    10. When he knew a slap was coming but still wasn't ready.

    11. When he interviewed Gordon Ramsay and couldn't handle his attitude.

    Nine Network / Via

    12. When Karl was chuffed that he and Arnie got into doing impressions.

    Nine Network / Via

    13. When he waxed his legs for charity.

    14. When he was caught chasing seagulls in a field.

    Nine Network / Via

    15. When Karl couldn't handle animals in human clothes.

    16. And when he especially couldn't handle Grumpy Cat.

    Nine Network / Via

    17. When Karl lost it after the girls started discussing activated nuts.

    18. When he couldn't handle Ben's "style" of protecting his home.

    19. Or when he was in stitches over Lisa's poor choice of words.

    Nine Network / Via

    20. When Karl broke the pizza-slapping world record.

    Nine Network / Via

    21. And finally when Karl ate the world's hottest pie and died inside.

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