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    23 Things That Happen When You Come Home For Christmas

    Mum's roast chicken > Roast chicken flavoured ramen.

    1. When you realise your family Christmas tree is 10 times better than the makeshift one you had up.

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    2. And the number of the gifts under the tree is higher than the amount you have in the bank.

    3. Your parents go out of their way to make you feel at home.


    Which includes breakfast everyday even though you normally have no time to cook it yourself.

    4. So you constantly drop hints to your mum about the foods you've been really missing.


    (In the hopes she cooks them all for you.)

    5. You finally don't have to worry about cooking your own meals.


    6. Because for the most part when you open the fridge, there's actually food in it.

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    Especially after-Christmas leftovers!

    7. And if there isn't food, chances are your parents will pay for some takeaway.

    8. But if takeaway isn't on the menu you just join your mum during her grocery shop.


    And you don't feel so bad when you see all the Christmas specials.

    9. Plus when you do go grocery shopping you don't feel as bad picking up brand name items.

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    10. You sleep well knowing you'll have a nice hot Christmas lunch that doesn't consist of ramen or frozen meals.

    11. But not too well because you realise your childhood bed isn't as comfy as it once used to be.

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    12. And that's only if your room hasn't been converted to storage.

    13. Or if you haven't been demoted to an air-mattress, because your extended family are staying over for Christmas.

    14. At Christmas events you're stuck with family bombarding you with questions about your love life...

    15. ...and all your education and career plans.


    16. And you somehow always end up looking at photo albums you've seen countless times before.

    17. Your mum whips out her phone to take photos of you to post on Facebook...


    18. ...which you immediately untag because they tend to be embarrassing AF.


    19. You get to see all your childhood friends and family that are also on Christmas break.


    20. But you also have to try to avoid the people who know you're in town but that you don't want to see.

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    21. Luckily you don't have to worry about doing your own laundry.


    22. But your parents still force you to clean the house before your family come over on Christmas morning.


    23. However, it's not all bad, because at the end of the day you get to spend the holidays with the ones you love.


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