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    Updated on 2 Apr 2019. Posted on 18 Oct 2017

    18 Memes You'll Cackle Over If You Hate To Love Horoscopes

    Get burned by a certain zodiac sign once, and you'll hate that sign forever.

    1. You used to think horoscopes were just full of fake information.

    2. But then you started noticing little bits of truth in them.

    @dailymemedump / Via

    3. Which resulted in you starting to agree with them more and more.

    4. Because they always somehow manage to read you like a book.

    5. Every. Single. Time.

    6. So your entire mindset on them changed.

    7. And understanding it makes you feel powerful and all-knowing.

    @manicpixiememequeen / Via

    8. Which can sometimes scare people.

    @mo_wad / Via

    9. And intrigue others.

    @s0uth3rnb3lla / Via

    10. But either way it doesn't matter, you need your astrological information.

    @traceyszodiac / Via

    11. As you've realised compatibility in the stars is important.

    @colleenrd444 / Via

    12. Because you know that once you've been burned, that's it.

    @kikimoon / Via

    13. So you always check more than just your own horoscope.

    14. Which sometimes backfires on you.

    @trashbag_astrology / Via

    15. But you know you'll never stop.

    16. You start to blame the stars for your own actions.

    @dizzicati / Via

    17. But you know that when other people try it, it's just not on.

    18. Because at the end of the day, astrology is only legit when it's beneficial to you.

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