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    21 Tweets That Prove Living In Perth Is A Fucking Struggle

    "$8.50 for a fucking pie at Perth airport? Get fucked, I'll starve."

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    "000 whats ur emergency?" "Um hi, this the fun police?" "U called emer" "Im in Perth" "Fark righto we'll send a car


    Why is my internet so fucking bad fuck you Perth I wish I lived in turkey


    3 months working in another city (if you can call Perth a city)


    So Perth made it as the seventh most liveable city in the world. Lmao


    Are there really any perks of living in Perth???


    Surely not, why can't people in perth fucking merGE you idiots


    Everyone that's anyone knows that THE coffee joint in freo is Blink. Sure it costs $4.50 but you can't put a price on being a Perthonality


    Perfect milkshake weather Surrounded by imperfect milkshakes #perthproblems


    Seeing teens with undercuts & patchwork backpacks. The 90s are truly alive in Leederville


    If you live in Perth, and you own a car...FUCK YOU!! You cunts can't fucking drive. #grumpy


    > Looking at holiday packages. > $299/pp - 2 nights > Changes “flying from” airport to Perth > Price: $600/pp WHY U DO DIS? #perthproblems


    Too many over paid miners at Perth airport


    Perth, where guys think wearing a fanny pack makes them look tough, and girl think wearing a bullring makes them look hot. #Straya #RealTalk


    Walking through Perth City Centre is a fucking obstacle course of leery and lecherous lads when you're a young women and alone: home time.


    If you're ever considering moving to Perth, don't. It's too irrelevant for most artists to come on tour and the drivers are fucking wank.Bye


    $8.50 for a fucking pie at Perth airport get fucked I'll starve


    Perth taxis are a fucking joke man could turn up to my own funeral late and the wanks could still get there later


    Just paid $7.50 for all of 15 wedges from The Boatshed Cafe. Ripoff!! #perth


    It's been over 40 degrees for 7 days. And even though the heat wave ends this weekend it starts again next week FUCKING WHY PERTH IM DYING


    God damn quicker for me to fly to Singapore,buy parts and fly back to Perth than get stock out of Sydney. Fucking East Coast centric country


    perth drivers as it is can't handle the basic shit like steering, indicating, throttle control and using their fucking eyes

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