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If Disney Characters Were Uber Drivers

"I just want to be part of your suUUuuuUUrge."

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Testimonial: "Aladdin was terrible. He took the longest route even though he knew how big the surge was. Plus the ride was windy as hell!"

Testimonial: "The Fairy Godmother was great. Clean car, timely pick up, no weird route. It was great until she kicked me out at 12.00am."

Testimonial: "She was a little bit cold... and that's not even talking about the ride itself."

Testimonial: "Flynn was fine until he heard police sirens. After that he sped down an empty street and threw me straight off his horse."

Testimonial: "King Triton obviously hates humans. I don't even know who could have given him a .6"

Testimonial: "The ride was great. There was no awkward small talk. That's my biggest pet peeve."

Testimonial: "It was OK, except she kept stopping and asking old willow trees for directions."

Testimonial: "The ride was quick and all, but the smell of rotting dead fish was really over whale-ming."

Testimonial: “The ride was smooth and all, but after a while he just kept yelling at me to think happy thoughts.”

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