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    19 Of The Most Insane Desserts You Need To Try In Sydney

    It's time to step up your dessert game.

    1. A sea salt soft-serve at Aqua S, Sydney CBD.

    2. A doughnut cone from Tella Balls Dessert Bar, Dulwich Hill.

    3. A Nutella fried ice cream ball at Piccolo Me, Macquarie.

    4. A two-toned cookie ice cream sandwich from Cloud 9 Chocolate Cafe, Newtown.

    5. A cup of rolled ice cream from 3 Mama Chef's Restaurant, Sydney CBD.

    6. A deep-fried Golden Gaytime milkshake from What the Fudge Cafe, Cabramatta.

    7. A vegan, dairy-free coconut base soft-serve from Heart & Soul Cafe, Cronulla.

    8. A hybrid doughnut-waffle stack from The Choc Pot, Burwood.

    9. A scoop of ice cream made of liquid nitrogen from N2 Extreme Gelato, Newtown.

    10. A green pandan crème brûlée from Green Peppercorn, Fairfield.

    11. A chocolate syringe-filled cronut from The Grumpy Barista, Petersham.

    12. A retro banana split from Doughbox Diner, Enmore.

    13. A Nutella-waffle jar at My Sweet Boutique Dessert Truck, Hurlstone Park.

    14. A slice of Oreo cookie pie from The Pie Tin, Newtown.

    15. A macaron sandwich from Dolcettini Patisserie, Dural.

    16. A raw vegan Maxibon from Sadhana Kitchen, Bondi.

    17. A sweet baked cheese pastry from Knafeh Bakery, moving food truck.

    18. A crepe plate doused in chocolate art at Sir Braxton Chocolate Bar, Rockdale.

    19. A watermelon dessert bowl at Passion Tree Cafe, Chatswood.

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