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    19 Of The Most Insane Desserts You Need To Try In Sydney

    It's time to step up your dessert game.

    Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed / Via

    1. A sea salt soft-serve at Aqua S, Sydney CBD.

    With a fortnightly additional flavour change, every visit to Aqua S will be a different taste sensation. For the full experience, add the fairy floss, roasted marshmallow, popcorn, and popping candy. The store's cloud wall means it's basically begging to be posted on Insta.

    2. A doughnut cone from Tella Balls Dessert Bar, Dulwich Hill.

    Coming off of the European craze of doughnut cones, Tella Balls have started to bring the goods to Sydneysiders. A cinnamon-sugar dusted doughnut cone is slathered in Nutella and then filled with Nutella soft-serve or your choice of ice cream.

    3. A Nutella fried ice cream ball at Piccolo Me, Macquarie.

    Dubbed the "Fried Maltella", the delicious ball is coated in a doughnut-style outer, has a Nutella ice cream inner, and is served with a warm salted caramel sauce and Maltesers. Every now and then a giant 1.25 litre version is put on the menu, so keep tabs on their Instagram page to make sure you don't miss out!

    4. A two-toned cookie ice cream sandwich from Cloud 9 Chocolate Cafe, Newtown.

    At Cloud 9 you pick your cookie flavour, or flavours if you prefer a mix, and your desired ice cream, and then the staff will create a sandwich that feels like a blessing from the gods above. If cookies aren't your style, they can do the same for you with a couple of brownies.

    5. A cup of rolled ice cream from 3 Mama Chef's Restaurant, Sydney CBD.

    Following the style of rolled ice cream found all over Thailand, 3 Mama's gives you dessert and a show. You pick your flavour and desired toppings, and from there they mash, scrape, and roll your ice cream for you right in front of your eyes!

    6. A deep-fried Golden Gaytime milkshake from What the Fudge Cafe, Cabramatta.

    The freakshakes hype may have died down a little in Australia but that hasn't stopped What the Fudge from delivering the goods. They serve an array of milkshakes, but the Fried Golden Gaytime is one of their most popular – or at least one of the most Instagrammed.

    7. A vegan, dairy-free coconut base soft-serve from Heart & Soul Cafe, Cronulla.

    If you love frozen yoghurt but hate the post-consumption guilt, then cocowhip served at Heart & Soul is the solution for you. Essentially just made up of coconut and vegetable-source stabilisers, this frozen treat is not only dairy-free but gluten-free too (perfect for all lactose intolerant and coeliacs)!

    8. A hybrid doughnut-waffle stack from The Choc Pot, Burwood.

    Honestly is there anything better than a waffle and a doughnut? Maybe just a hybrid of both?! The Choc Pot has successfully merged the two treats together in what they call a "waffnut". Teamed with salted caramel ice cream, Belgian chocolate, and a waffle cone, what's there not to like?

    9. A scoop of ice cream made of liquid nitrogen from N2 Extreme Gelato, Newtown.

    The fun of N2's ice cream is the creation process, which you can see through their glass panels. With workers dressed as scientists and clouds of dry ice billowing from the mixing bowls, watching your ice cream be created is just as fun as eating it. Flavour changes are regular so keep an eye on their Instagram to see what crazy creation you can consume next!

    10. A green pandan crème brûlée from Green Peppercorn, Fairfield.

    Who doesn't love a cheeky crème brûlée? The experience of a warm, smooth custard and the crispy top layer your spoon cracks through, and now imagine it all tasting of coconut. Now picture all of this being bright green. You can't? Well you better head down to Green Peppercorn to see it for yourself!

    11. A chocolate syringe-filled cronut from The Grumpy Barista, Petersham.

    If you like indulgence, you'll like the Grumpy Barista. If you like chocolate, you'll love the Grumpy Nut in particular. A cronut filled with cream, slathered in Nutella and crumbled Oreo, all topped with a Nutella-filled syringe?! The only problem you'll have here is getting in before they're all gone!

    12. A retro banana split from Doughbox Diner, Enmore.

    Two bananas, a whole lot of ice cream, whipped cream, chopped nuts, and of course a cherry on top! Doughbox Diner makes all your '50s-style diner dreams come true. The retro interior and American-style menu will have you thinking you were dropped right into the cafe from Grease.

    13. A Nutella-waffle jar at My Sweet Boutique Dessert Truck, Hurlstone Park.

    Located in a secluded little spot, My Sweet Boutique is one-of-a-kind because they personalise the jars that your dessert comes in with Nutella-style branding. Plus the combo of Nutella, waffles, strawberries, and ice cream is always a winner.

    14. A slice of Oreo cookie pie from The Pie Tin, Newtown.

    The Pie Tin has masterfully combined the three joys of life: Oreos, cream, and pies. Bite after bite, your tongue will thank you for blessing it with this magical cookies and cream creation. But look, if sweet isn't your style they serve savoury too, though the sweet pies are honestly just too good to pass up.

    15. A macaron sandwich from Dolcettini Patisserie, Dural.

    Are you tired of your macarons having only one boring layer holding them together? Are you looking to step up your macaron game? If you are, then Dolcettini's "Ell Yeah Vanilla" is what you've been looking for. Fried vanilla creme, rice pudding, marshmallow, and raspberry jelly sandwiched between a vanilla and saffron macaron is all you need in life.

    16. A raw vegan Maxibon from Sadhana Kitchen, Bondi.

    If you love a Maxibon and want a healthier version, Sadhana Kitchen has the answer. The "Funkybon" is made of dairy-free coconut soft-serve sandwiched between salted coconut biscuits that are dipped in dark chocolate and finished with peanuts. Delish!

    17. A sweet baked cheese pastry from Knafeh Bakery, moving food truck.

    Knafeh, a baked dessert made of sweet cheese with a custard-like texture, is covered with a crunchy top layer and crushed pistachios finished with a coating of sugar syrup. The Bearded Bakers have brought Sydney a taste of the Middle East all from a moving shipping container. They're sure to bring you a smile with their bright personalities and quirky names they write down with your order.

    18. A crepe plate doused in chocolate art at Sir Braxton Chocolate Bar, Rockdale.

    Crepes are always delicious, but that deliciousness is amplified when your plate looks like something Van Gogh could have created. Sir Braxton serves crepes covered in milk, dark and white chocolate, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate balls and tops them with Oreos. Some may say it's too much chocolate but really, is there ever enough?

    19. A watermelon dessert bowl at Passion Tree Cafe, Chatswood.

    If chocolate ice cream and all things baked aren't your style, you should head to Passion Tree and grab a fruit bowl. Bingsu or bingsoo is a Korean dessert that uses shaved ice, fruit, and varied ingredients to create a delicious and refreshing meal. Passion Tree serves not only watermelon, but rockmelon and pineapple variants too!

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