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    17 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About “She’s The Man"

    Jesse McCartney as Sebastian? Yes please!

    1. Producers actually wanted Jesse McCartney to play Viola's brother, Sebastian, because of how similar the pair looked.

    As Amanda Bynes and Jesse McCartney have similar facial features, directors were keen to have him join the cast. He was unavailable to shoot, so James Kirk was cast instead.

    2. Amanda Bynes' full character transformation required not only the wig, eyebrows, and sideburns, but also a full muscle suit and approximately four layers of clothing.

    3. She also did two months of soccer training for more believable acting in her soccer-heavy role.

    4. Amanda Bynes and director Andy Fickman would visit malls to observe guy behaviour to help Amanda get into character.

    5. One of the screenwriters, Karen McCullah, was responsible for other successful rom-coms like Legally Blonde and 10 Things I Hate About You.

    6. In the film, the footage of Amanda Bynes' character roaming the street impersonating men was done with real unsuspecting people.

    7. The film is loosely based on the Shakespearean play, Twelfth Night and the film has several nods to the play.

    8. For example, the movie is set at Illyria High School, and the name of the town where they play is set is also called Illyria.

    9. But the school where Viola starts at is called Cornwall, which is where Olivia and her brother in the play originally hailed from.

    10. Viola's love interest Duke Orsino is modelled off Orsino in the play who just so happens to be a duke.

    11. In the play, Olivia impersonates a man called Cesario and in the film the directors named the restaurant featured a few times throughout, Cesarios.

    12. And Malcolm's spider that terrorises Duke and "Sebastian" is called Malvolio, a direct reference to Olivia’s steward in Twelfth Night.

    13. Vinnie Jones, the actor who plays coach Dinklage, was actually a professional soccer player.

    14. When Channing Tatum hit James Snyder's character with a towel in the locker rooms, he actually really whipped him in the eye.

    15. A lot of the funny and iconic scenes in the film weren't scripted, like Channing Tatum's dramatic opening of his flip phone.

    16. Most of the debutante bathroom fight scene was filmed with the actors and not the stunt actors.

    17. And when auditioning for the film, Channing Tatum stuck a tampon up his nose but didn't realise he was meant to take off the plastic applicator first.