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    19 Of The Most Insane Desserts You Need To Try In Brisbane

    *picks jaw off floor, wipes drool away*

    1. An ice cream sandwich from Mister Fitz, Fortitude Valley and South Bank.

    2. A cookies and cream bingsu from Surabing Korean Dessert Cafe, Sunnybank.

    3. A sizzling chocolate and almond brownie from Southside Bistro, Sunnybank.

    4. A matcha or hojicha parfait from Sonder Dessert, Sunnybank.

    5. The crazy popular Raindrop Cake from Harajuku Gyoza, South Bank.

    6. A slice of rainbow cheesecake from Chester Street Bakery, Newstead and South Bank.

    7. The secret Wagon Wheel dessert burger from Red Hook, Brisbane CBD.

    8. A Nutella cronut from Donut Boyz at The Wickham, Fortitude Valley.

    9. A naked pop from Cowch Cocktail Dessert Bar, South Bank.

    10. A cup of scroll ice cream from The Doughnut Bar at Eat Street Markets, North Shore.

    11. Or a doughnut ice cream cone also from The Doughnut Bar at Eat Street Markets, North Shore.

    12. Maybe try an ice cream cannoli from Jake & Elle's Kitchen at Eat Street Markets, North Shore.

    13. A summer fruit acai bowl from Kiss The Berry, South Bank.

    14. A matcha waffle from Piggy Barn Waffle House, Brisbane CBD.

    15. A waffle wrap from Sweet Wrapture at the Boundary Street Markets, Brisbane City.

    16. A liquid nitrogen lemon meringue ice cream from Nitrogenie, South Bank.

    17. A macaron ice cream sandwich from Movenpick Ice Cream, Portside.

    18. A vegan coconut soft serve from Pineapple Express Cafe, Hamilton.

    19. A chocolate shortbread ice cream sandwich from Lick! Ice Cream, Graceville.