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    19 Of The Most Insane Desserts You Need To Try In Brisbane

    *picks jaw off floor, wipes drool away*

    Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed / Via Instagram: @curethehangrybne /

    1. An ice cream sandwich from Mister Fitz, Fortitude Valley and South Bank.

    Instagram: @ashleydugandzic /

    The process at Mister Fitz is simple. Choose your cookies, then your ice cream flavour, follow that with a whole bunch of toppings, and feast!

    2. A cookies and cream bingsu from Surabing Korean Dessert Cafe, Sunnybank.

    Instagram: @hellobrisbanenoms /

    If you're all about cold desserts, bingsu is the one for you! Bingsu, a Korean dish comprised mostly of shaved ice works as a refreshing and delicious answer for all your sweet-tooth cravings.

    3. A sizzling chocolate and almond brownie from Southside Bistro, Sunnybank.

    Instagram: @foodieadam /

    If hot desserts and chocolate are more your style, the Southside Bistro has it all. A brownie served on sizzling hot plate, topped with butterscotch ice cream and a rich fudge sauce. Mmmmmmmmm!

    4. A matcha or hojicha parfait from Sonder Dessert, Sunnybank.

    Instagram: @vitteddy /

    Falling somewhere between a drink and a dessert, Sonder Dessert have managed to create a flavour sensation! Matcha, a type of green tea, and Hojicha, a green tea roasted over charcoal (reminiscent of an earthy, nutty, caramel flavour), both hail from Japan. Topped with ice cream, a sweet bean paste, rice-bean mochi, and vanilla soft serve, this is one dessert that you just need to try!

    5. The crazy popular Raindrop Cake from Harajuku Gyoza, South Bank.

    Instagram: @angiewongangchi /

    The Raindrop Cake has made its way all the way down from NYC to Brisbane thanks to Harajuku Gyoza. The cake is made from water and is flavoured with the brown sugar syrup and roasted sesame powder. However, Harajuku Gyoza has added a strawberry and matcha flavour if you want a little bit more!

    6. A slice of rainbow cheesecake from Chester Street Bakery, Newstead and South Bank.

    Instagram: @_lanie_b_ /

    If you didn't think that cheesecake could get any better, Chester Street Bakery amped it up by making it rainbow. Not only will your Instagram feed look infinitely better, but your stomach will thank you too.

    7. The secret Wagon Wheel dessert burger from Red Hook, Brisbane CBD.

    Instagram: @foodieadam /

    Red Hook might be known for their crazy burgers, but this particular one is an off-the-menu special. The dessert burger consists of a fudge brownie, chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream, and raspberry jam, sandwiched between two marshmallow "buns". Next-level delicious.

    8. A Nutella cronut from Donut Boyz at The Wickham, Fortitude Valley.

    Instagram: @foodieadam /

    The Donut Boyz serve up some amazing baked goods, but the Nutella cronut has all the components to have you singing with joy. A crispy, flaky cronut filled with Nutella and topped with a chocolate cream is really all you need in life!

    9. A naked pop from Cowch Cocktail Dessert Bar, South Bank.

    Instagram: @monicaeats_ /

    The beauty of the Cowch naked pop is all the possible combinations that you can create. Starting with a base pop flavour which is then dipped in your choice of chocolate and toppings, you have the ability to fully customise your pop 'til you get what you want!

    10. A cup of scroll ice cream from The Doughnut Bar at Eat Street Markets, North Shore.

    Instagram: @curethehangrybne /

    Scroll ice cream has taken the world by storm and has found it's way into the heart of Brisbane. The process is simple and happens right in front of your eyes, with a cold stone instantly transforming cream into ice cream in a matter of minutes. The Doughnut Bar serves up the delicious scrolls on the weekends down at the Eat Street Markets.

    11. Or a doughnut ice cream cone also from The Doughnut Bar at Eat Street Markets, North Shore.

    Instagram: hopskipeat /

    If you prefer something else to go with your ice cream, The Doughnut Bar are well-known for their doughnut ice cream cones! A rolled sheet of doughnut is subbed in for the waffle cone that holds your ice cream and other toppings. This one is definitely one for your Instagram!

    12. Maybe try an ice cream cannoli from Jake & Elle's Kitchen at Eat Street Markets, North Shore.

    Instagram: @jakeandelleskitchen /

    Or if you prefer your ice cream to be housed in something a little harder than a doughnut and a little different to a waffle cone, a cannoli might just well be what you're after. Jake & Elle's Kitchen is run by 2013 My Kitchen Rules runners-up, you guessed it, Jake and Elle. With that, you can definitely count on quality food to come out of their pop-up at the Eat Street Markets.

    13. A summer fruit acai bowl from Kiss The Berry, South Bank.

    Instagram: @thebasicbalance /

    If you want something a little healthier but just as good, an acai bowl from Kiss The Berry may well be what you're after. A healthy blend of fruit and coconut water (or almond milk) sits at the bottom of the bowl and is topped with an array of fresh fruit, the combinations depending on which one you decide to get. This one is great no matter the season, and always looks picture-perfect!

    14. A matcha waffle from Piggy Barn Waffle House, Brisbane CBD.

    Instagram: @foodieadam /

    Waffles are good no matter the flavour, but Piggy Barn Waffle House up the anti with their matcha waffle. Matcha provides a subtle but different flavour to a regular waffle. Topped with fresh cream or ice cream, this is one you don't want to miss.

    15. A waffle wrap from Sweet Wrapture at the Boundary Street Markets, Brisbane City.

    Instagram: @foodieadam /

    If you love waffles but like to customise what goes with yours, Sweet Wrapture have an answer to your prayers. Filled with all that your heart desires, this one is eaten taco-style and can be a little messy but that's the fun of it! You can grab one on the weekends down at the Boundary Street Markets.

    16. A liquid nitrogen lemon meringue ice cream from Nitrogenie, South Bank.

    Instagram: @carolliinec_ /

    Created instantly in front of your eyes from liquid ingredients and liquid nitrogen, Nitrogenie has found a way to put flair into the ice cream creation process. Flavours are changed regularly so if you want to pick up the lemon curd ice cream with blowtorched meringue, you're going to want to head down ASAP!

    17. A macaron ice cream sandwich from Movenpick Ice Cream, Portside.

    Instagram: @scott_r_simmons /

    Everyone knows the best part of a macaron is the crispy, crunchy outer shell. The only way one can make a macaron any better has to be by replacing the cream with a big ol' scoop of ice cream. Why stop at one? Grab two, even three and enjoy yourself!

    18. A vegan coconut soft serve from Pineapple Express Cafe, Hamilton.

    Instagram: @brisbanefoodbloggers /

    If a healthier option is what you're after, Cocowhip might be more up your alley. This ice cream alternative is dairy-free, 100% vegan, and is made from a coconut base. Topped with whatever toppings you desire, this dessert is totally customisable and totally delicious!

    19. A chocolate shortbread ice cream sandwich from Lick! Ice Cream, Graceville.

    Instagram: @bnecafes /

    But if you're reading this list, healthy is probably not what you're looking for. So head on down to Lick! Ice Cream and pick up a chocolate shortbread ice cream sandwich! A little different than most, the ice cream in this one is flavoured salted nut butter and almond, which is all topped off with a good dunk in chocolate. Lick, indeed!


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