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    23 Senior Parking Spots That Are Too Clever For Their Own Good

    "If You're Reading This... Don't Park Here."

    1. This spot that gives "views" a brand new meaning.

    2. And this one with a little more instruction.

    My little brother in law killllled his senior parking spot

    3. This ode to the old Kanye.

    Graduation @kanyewest > Hip-Hop/Rap (2007) Yeezy szn approaches Throwback to my senior parking spot @TeamKanyeDaily

    4. This Reece that saw the opportunity and took it.

    5. This Friday Night Lights tribute.

    This is how my niece painted her senior year parking spot. #FridayNightLights

    6. And this Gossip Girl e-blast update.

    spotted: m painting her senior parking spot gossip girl themed 💖💖

    7. This Friends-inspired individual spot.

    8. And this super cute group effort.

    Senior parking spot ✔️ F•R•I•E•N•D•S I'll be there for YOU🎶

    9. This guy's next-level obsession with Chick-fil-A.

    Senior parking spot inspired by @ChickfilA

    10. And this one who shares the chicken love.

    My senior parking spot❤️ @Raising_Canes @ChickfilA

    11. This taco-adorned senior spot.

    He did it! Senior parking spot ✔️ @bsettle15 #benlovestacos

    12. And this large and in charge Panda Express spot.

    SENIOR parking spot #Panda4Life ❤️🐼🍚🍱🍴 @PandaExpress

    13. This great idea for every Jack out there.

    Jtonner parking spot!#cool#senior#saintedwards

    14. And this cheeky Twitter self-promo.

    15. This literally wavy spot.

    Senior parking spot 🌊🌊🌊

    16. And this scarily accurate summary of senior year.

    17. This inspiring reminder.

    18. And this great advice, courtesy of the only and only Ron Burgundy.

    My senior parking spot. It's kind of a big deal. @WillFerreI

    19. This Honda-pineapple swap out.

    3 years out of high school but my senior parking spot is still in! #OhHappyDays

    20. And this galactic play on words.

    Finally done with my senior parking spot! Huge thanks to @Brandon_basler for all his help!

    21. This Cheshire Cat spot giving a friendly warning to other drivers.

    22. This spot for only the fastest of hedgehogs.

    @sonic_hedgehog do you like my senior parking spot? Go fast.

    23. And this spot with the rarest pepe of them all.

    @MattchueR 's future senior parking spot