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    Posted on 24 Dec 2015

    27 Things You Only Understand If You Work In Retail On Boxing Day

    Are you really trying to return some $5 undies on the biggest retail day of the year?!

    1. When people talk about getting excited for the holidays, you dread them.


    2. Because you've already lost every weekend this year, now you lose the holidays too.

    20th Century Fox

    3. And people always ask where your "Christmas cheer" is.

    Universal Pictures

    You try not being Grinch-esque when you're standing for 14 hours serving crowds all day.

    4. People tell you to "just take off Boxing Day" like that's a choice you have.


    HA HA HA HA, that's a funny joke.

    5. You know that if you aren't rostered on for the Boxing Day shift everyone who is will try to guilt trip you into taking theirs.

    Columbia Pictures

    6. And you try to be a good person and come into work only to find out five people called in sick.

    New Line Cinema

    *Cough* BULLSHIT *cough*.

    7. So you usually spend the day understaffed and overworked.

    The CW

    Instead of spending it overstuffed with leftover food from Christmas lunch.

    8. Your eight-hour shift is almost always pushed further and further so you can't even make Boxing-night plans.


    9. Not only is every adult on holidays, but it's also school holidays.

    Paramount Pictures

    Children. Children everywhere.

    10. Which means trying to drive and find parking before your shift is actual hell.


    Soon 20 minutes becomes two hours.

    11. Just because Christmas is technically finished, it doesn't mean the Christmas music stops.

    The CW

    12. And your shop might have aircon but the amount of people in there makes it useless.


    13. The neatly lined up rows and racks of stock are torn down in seconds because ~sales~.


    14. There's always one person that tries to try on more than the allowed number of items.


    Who without question always makes a big deal of it.

    15. You get yelled at for an item selling out, and most of the time people call it "false advertising."


    Or it could be that 30 people before you also wanted that item so they bought it before you.

    16. Customers without fail complain about the time they have to wait in line like you can control it.


    17. Someone is always trying to return something.



    18. And worse still they try to do it without the tags or the receipt.


    "BUT IT WAS A GIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    19. Or worst of all they demand cash back.


    That is definitely not how this works.

    20. There's always someone that tries to tell you about a competitor having an item cheaper when you don't even have time to breathe.


    Please. For the love of God, just not today.

    21. When you finally do get your break, customers flock to you asking questions.


    22. Or if you do happen to make it out alive, the lines to buy food are crazy EVERYWHERE.


    And you're stuck calculating how much break time you actually have left.

    23. Which means you have to run back to your store and inhale your food before your break is up.


    24. All your holiday memories are of you working long hours, and not of you spending time with friends and family.


    25. You see all your mates at the beach, or sleeping in while you wither away at work.

    Christal Films

    26. You start to feel un-Australian seeing everyone else off doing stuff all over social media.


    27. But then you remember the penalty rates you're getting and it makes it all worth it.



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