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    Jonah Hill Accidentally Sent Drake A List Of What He Ate That Day

    It happens???

    Last night, Jonah Hill stopped by The Tonight Show, and as usual, he had a really funny story to tell.

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    After gaining weight for the movie War Dogs, Jonah decided to consult a nutritionist to get back into shape.

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    The nutritionist suggested that he keep a food diary and email it to him at the end of each day.

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    So one night after almost forgetting, Jonah quickly typed up the food diary email and sent it to the nutritionist… OR SO HE THOUGHT.

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    After no response, Jonah checked his "sent" folder. Turned out, he hadn't sent the email to his nutritionist. He had sent it to DRAKE.

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    Drake didn't respond — probably because he and Jonah have only met once. But Jonah has an idea of what he might have been thinking.

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    Never change, Jonah.

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