13 Celebs Who Jumped On The Custom Emoji Trend

    What a time to be alive.

    Celeb emoji apps and keyboards have been the hot new trend ever since Kim Kardashian launched hers in December 2015 and made a shit ton of money.

    Here are some celebs with official emojis:

    1. KIMOJI by Kim Kardashian

    2. StephMoji by Steph Curry

    Perfect for the Warriors fan or anyone obsessed with his adorable family.

    Available on iOS and Android for $1.99.

    3. Justmoji by Justin Bieber

    4. Fetty Wap

    5. Chymoji by Blac Chyna

    6. Future

    7. MuvaMoji by Amber Rose

    8. Rick Ross

    9. Sheenoji by Charlie Sheen

    10. Wizmoji by Wiz Khalifa

    11. Young EmOGis by Fabolous

    12. The Game

    13. Dennis Graham aka Drake's dad

    OK, so who's next?