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18 Things Millennials Killed In 2017

Another year of blaming millennials.

1. After quite the killing spree in 2016, 2017 was off to a quiet start. But by the end of February, millennials were back at it again, and this time, marmalade was goin' down.

2. In March, millennials continued to kill off cable.

3. Oh, and they killed lunch. Fuck you, lunch!!!

4. In April, it was marriage.

5. And in May, casual dining chains like Buffalo Wild Wings blamed millennials for their demise.

6. Millennials really came out in full force during the summer. In June, J. Crew was pronounced dead.

7. And traditional automotive marketing was ruined! How dare they!

8. July was a busy month with millennials killing the oil industry...

9. ...college football attendance...

10. ...and motorcycles.

11. In August, "breastaurants" suffered at the hands of millennials.

12. Apparently, beer wasn't doing too hot either.

13. And, to wrap up the month of August, "education as we know it" said its goodbyes.

14. Millennials kicked off the month of September by going after doorbells.

15. By October, the lottery industry was under millennial attack.

16. And — say it ain't so — postcards were officially starved off.

17. By November, salary secrecy started its slow death.

18. And this month, you can thank millennials for ruining the value of friendship.

What a year, you guys! Let us know what else you killed or ruined this year in the comments below!

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