50 Designers Are Reimagining All 50 State License Plates

    Ever wish you had a say in what your license plate looked like? Fifty graphic designers dared to dream.

    When graphic designer Jonathan Lawrence received his Georgia license plate, he was less than impressed by its peaches and sunset design. It was then he thought, What if we really tried to design them? That's how the State Plates Project was born.

    By reaching out to friends and spreading the word on Dribbble, Lawrence found a designer for each state. "It was important to me that the designer was passionate about the state they were working on," he said.

    Lawrence asked the artists to combine function and good design, which he believes is lacking in today's plates. "It's important to capture some qualities about each state that make it unique, but at the end of the day, that shouldn't take over."

    More than half of the plates are already on the site, and a new plate is being released every weekday. Though all of the plates will be posted by the end of December, Lawrence hopes to eventually bring them to life.

    Check out the project's website for more license plate designs, and make sure to keep an eye out for the remaining ones, including Lawrence's own Georgia plate.