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23 Signs You Belong To An Irish-American Family

Raise your hand if you have an Aunt Mary or an Uncle John.

1. You probably own a claddagh ring, and maybe a pair of earrings to match.

@handsoftheworld / Via

2. Your family is made up of names like Mary, Margaret, John, and Patrick.

3. You appreciate Irish music — both the sad songs and the drinking ones.

Courtesy of the Lyons family

4. You or someone in your family took Irish step dancing classes.

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5. And there isn't a St. Patrick's day party that goes by without someone breaking out the ol' moves.

6. You may have had holy water thrown on you at some point.

fka_twink / Via

7. If you're going to take the Lord's name in vain you do it with Jesus, Mary, AND Joseph.

8. And only at Nana's house would you see a framed picture of Jesus next to a framed picture of John F. Kennedy.

9. Around St. Patrick's day you eat corned beef and cabbage with a side of potatoes.

Laura Murray for Bon Appetit / Via

Even though it's not actually an Irish dish.

10. (Although potatoes make frequent appearances in meals all year round.)

11. And as for traditional Irish foods, you have to go to a specialty shop to find them.

@matmammans / Via

12. You have a family recipe for soda bread, though no one's ever actually written it down.

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13. You've visited Ireland and spent time with your first, second, AND third cousins.

Twitter: @mlockkke

Along with some other people you're not sure you'd ever even heard of.

14. You like your tea and you like it piping hot.

@hessione / Via

15. And you have strong opinions on what the best brand is.

@oohlalacreativedesigns / Via

16. You have plenty of T-shirts, beads, and hats to choose from when St. Paddy's comes around.

Courtesy Jessica Laurita

17. And if it's cold enough, you'll wear your sweater.

@dashofdiscovery / Via

18. You've seen Brooklyn, The Boondock Saints, and Gangs of New York several times.

19. When you meet another Irish person you ask what county they're from.

20. You probably have an Irish blessing hanging somewhere in your home.

@hinodranzer / Via

21. It might be a stereotype that the Irish drink a lot, but it's definitely true for some of your family members.

@fenwayandfriends / Via

22. Which is why every family gathering — whether it's a holiday, birthday, or funeral — usually turns into a party.

23. (And you're ok with it.)

Tell us about your Irish-American family in the comments! 🍀🇮🇪💚

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