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16 Things Lady Gaga Looked Like During Her Super Bowl Performance

Yaaass, Gaga!

1. Heat Miser:

2. Effie Trinket:

Lady Gaga was great but looked like Effie from Hunger Games. #SB50

3. Dorothy Michaels:

4. Dragon:

Lady Gaga looked like the dragon from Shrek #Super Bowl

5. The Dancing Lobsters:

Gaga Looked like the Dancing Lobsters from the Amanda show tho

6. Dracula:

Lady Gaga me recordó a alguien en el #SuperBowl

7. Dolly Parton:

A canijo!! #LadyGaga #DollyParton quién es quién? #SuperBowl50 #Saltillo #Mexico

8. Davy Jones:

Lady Gaga's hair @SuperBowl looks like Davy Jones' beard from Pirates of the Caribbean #SuperBowl #APiratesLifeForMe

9. Stuffed Garlic Knot Pizza:

Lady Gaga looked like a stuffed garlic knot pizza

10. Jack Frost:

Whey Lady Gaga look like Jack Frost from the Santa clause movies😂😂😂💀💀💀💀

11. Cheetara:

I'm sorry but Lady Gaga killed it but...why did she look like a Thundercat. #SB50

12. A fairy godmother:

Why does lady gaga look like the fairy god mother from Shrek? #SB50

13. Lola:

Why does lady gaga look like that slut fish from shark tale?

14. Cinderella's evil stepmother:

15. And the White Witch:

Why lady gaga look like the witch from the lion, witch, and the wardrobe?

16. And someone who absolutely SLAYED the national anthem: