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    Gordon Ramsay Tried Girl Scout Cookies For The First Time And Was Not Impressed


    Gordon Ramsay stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night and tried Girl Scout cookies for the first time ever.

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    Jimmy was kind enough to warn Gordon about the sacredness of Girl Scout cookies.

    And then presented him with three of the most popular flavors: Tagalongs, Thin Mints, and Samoas.

    Right off the bat, he wasn't impressed.

    He tried the Tagalongs first and honestly went pretty easy on them.

    It was only downhill from there. Gordon was not a fan of the Samoas, though to be fair, coconut isn't for everyone.

    But most offensive of all was his reaction to Thin Mints.

    Yep, he couldn't even swallow it.

    Whatever, Gordon. More Thin Mints for us.