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There Was An Adorable Mini-"Pitch Perfect" Reunion At "Dear Evan Hansen"

What a pitch perfect friendship!

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You probably know Ben Platt from his role as Benji in the Pitch Perfect movies.

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But in case you haven't heard, Ben's also the star of a new Broadway show, Dear Evan Hansen.

The show, which opened on Broadway December 4, is already a hit. So it's no surprise that celebrities including Zac Efron, Mindy Kaling, and Emma Stone are flocking to see it.

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It's gotta be pretty cool to have all these major celebs coming to see your show, but what's more special than some old friends visiting?

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At last night's performance, Ben's former Pitch Perfect co-stars Skylar Astin and Anna Camp stopped by. And how cute is this picture?!?

Ben Platt / Via

Ben was definitely psyched to see his "shmom" and "shdad," who are clearly some of his biggest fans.

Ben Platt / Via

They also visited Ben when he was in Book of Mormon from Jan. 2014 to Jan. 2015.

Ben Platt / Via

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

What an adorable little "shamily"!

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