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21 Memes Your Dog Would Definitely Laugh At If They Could Read/Laugh

Did...did a dog write these?

1. Because finders keepers:

2. Because hunger knows no bounds:

3. Because every dog has had a bad haircut:

lunarlilache / / Via

4. Or had a paw stepped on:

5. Because it's a tried and tested method:

6. Because dogs get jealous too:

7. And this is the ultimate betrayal:

8. Actually, THIS:

9. Because they're just trying to protect their humans:

10. Especially from squirrels:

11. Trust. No. Squirrel.

12. Because every dog has been here:

13. And here:

14. Because your dog is always onto you:

15. And you're always onto them:

16. Because fetch isn't as simple as it looks:

17. And dogs won't be fooled every time:

18. Although some might:

19. Because nothing hits the spot like treats do:

20. And because walkies are the greatest thing in the world:

ther00fisonfire / / Via Twitter: @dogtextings

21. Besides this, of course:

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