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Chicken Sashimi Exists, And Americans Are Freaking Out

Literally everyone on Twitter: "No."

Everyone knows that chicken should never be undercooked.

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Because, as we've all been taught, raw chicken is a breeding ground for salmonella.

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According to the USDA, raw chicken should be cooked until it reaches an internal temperature of 165°F to kill all potential bacteria.

Well, earlier this week, Food & Wine posed a different take on the raw chicken debate: Would you eat raw chicken, if it was in sashimi form?

@foodandwine / Via Twitter: @foodandwine

The dish (which, yes, exists) is called "torisashi" (tori means bird; sashi is an abbreviation of sashimi, meaning raw fish and meat) and is served in many restaurants in Japan. A handful of American establishments also serve the dish, most notably Ippuku, a Japanese bar located in Berkeley, California.

On Twitter, the response was an unequivocal "HELL FUCKING NO":

Some reacted with pure, unironic offense:

@anitarita85 / Via Twitter: @anitarita85

While others were just offended by the question:

@cnute / Via Twitter: @cnute
@White_Rice / Via Twitter: @White_Rice

To be completely honest, I've literally never seen such a united response on Twitter:

@WouterGaster / Via Twitter: @WouterGaster

To reiterate, this dish IS served in many eateries in Japan, where chefs "work closely with small farms to ensure the chickens are raised to the highest standards."

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To minimize the risk of foodborne illnesses, torisashi generally uses "meat that is thinly sliced or cubed from the inner breast of a chicken, the part of the chicken that carries the lowest risk of salmonella contamination."

Though I'm sure none of these assurances are enough to convince someone to chew on slimy raw chicken.


(TBH, I'd try it.)

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