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Twitter Is Ablaze After Chelsea Peretti Shared How She Eats Cake

"The people on here agreeing with this nonsense: JUST DON'T EAT CAKE! Have a muffin! Leave the cake to actual cake lovers!"

Imagine this: You bake a beautiful chocolate cake, complete with thick chocolate frosting, and cut your friend a slice.

She finishes her serving, commenting, "My, what a delicious slice of cake that was." You thank her for the kind words, and as you glance at her plate, you see THIS:

That's the photo comedian Chelsea Peretti posted on her Instagram last Friday, and it has set the Internet ablaze. 🔥

Some people admitted to simply not liking frosting:

...Or thought that it's just too sweet:

Others felt that her cake-eating strategy was an offense to cakekind:

...Since clearly the frosting is the reason for cake:

Another person still thought this was a great example of how different opinions could bring people together 🌈❤️: