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    17 Weird Bedtime Routines That Help People Fall Asleep

    Turn on the white noise and try one of these tips. H/T Reddit

    1. Pretend the alarm is going off and you're falling back into a heavy slumber.

    2. ...Or just pretend it's the morning.

    3. Visualize white light traveling from your toes to the top of your head.

    4. Read a book.

    5. Imagine you're the protagonist of a fascinating fictional world.

    6. Think up a raunchy story, with lots of steamy scenes.

    7. Do something that will physically tire you out, whether that's going for a walk or hitting the gym.

    8. Try controlled breathing.

    9. Listen to some soothing ASMR.

    10. Use a relaxing, lavender-scented lotion.

    11. Bore yourself with details of your own job.

    12. Design the perfect sleeping den, complete with cool sheets, an essential oil diffuser, and a white noise machine.

    13. Imagine yourself walking through familiar spaces, recounting the physical details of each place.

    14. Visualize a stick figure (gently) kicking away every unnecessary thought in your head, until you're left with a soothing nothingness.

    15. Listen to the Sleep With Me podcast, in which a soothing voice narrates mildly interesting stories.

    16. Try progressive relaxation, a therapist-recommended muscle relaxation technique.

    17. ... Or just stick with what most of us are inadvertently doing, falling asleep to TV!