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    21 TV Series That Grabbed Viewers In The First Episode

    "It didn't just grab me in the first episode. It grabbed me in the first five minutes."

    If you love watching TV, you can probably name at least one show that caught your attention from the very beginning.

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    When Reddit user fredyouareaturtle asked, "What TV series grabbed you in the first episode?" it got television fans talking.

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    We've rounded up some of the best answers to help you grow your TV watch list. Check them out below:

    1. Psych

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    "I recently binged the whole series in a couple of weeks. I was addicted from the very first episode. Hell, I was addicted in the first 10 minutes! It's the clever kind of silly, if that makes sense."


    2. The X-Files

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    "Oh, man. I was eight when the first episode aired. I was scared shitless and in awe at the same time. I thought it was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen."


    3. Breaking Bad

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    "I’ve watched many, many shows, and nothing beats how good Breaking Bad was throughout the entire series."


    4. The Mandalorian

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    "The first episode was and still is one of the best."


    5. Killing Eve

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    "The music, the characters, and the atmosphere all perfectly lined up. I was hooked from the beginning!"


    6. The Shield

    A preview for The Shield

    "I just finished watching that series yesterday. The emotional roller coaster that show took me on... I’m still recovering and will be for a while!"


    7. Ted Lasso

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    "I went in knowing nothing about it, and after that first episode, I was ready to stay up all night to finish the entire season."


    8. Game of Thrones

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    "Much has been made of its downfall, but when the series premiered, it was clear it was a show of scale and scope rarely seen on television. And the 'things we do for love' moment at the end was a shocking way to hook people into seeing what was going to happen next."


    9. Lost

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    "They showed the first two episodes in a row on TV, and I was hooked. It's what started my journey of getting hold of TV episodes as soon as they were broadcast, instead of waiting for them to be shown on our broadcast TV."


    10. Six Feet Under

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    "And arguably one of the greatest series finales too."


    11. The Boys

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    "The Boys is a wild ride from start to finish (well, where it's up to now, anyway). The first episode sets the scene but, looking back on it, seems like barely a taste of what's coming."


    "It didn't just grab me in the first episode. It grabbed me in the first five minutes."


    12. iZombie

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    "I had gone through so many pilots looking for a new show to binge and five minutes in, I knew I had my show."

    13. Archer

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    "Such a fantastic pilot."


    14. Hannibal

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    "This was exactly what I intended to say. I needed more, and I was watching when we had to wait a week."


    15. The Good Place

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    "I put off watching it for so long, then binged three seasons in less than a week and got sad about it."


    16. Dexter

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    "That first season was, for me, perfect television."


    17. Lucifer

    FOX / Via

    "Five minutes into the pilot I was laughing out loud. Hooked."


    18. True Detective

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    "That opening shot sets up the tone and dread of impending doom perfectly. First season was just on another level."


    19. 30 Rock

    tracy morgan and jane krakowski
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    "The pilot hooked me immediately with its pacing and tone, and I binged the first two seasons over the course of the next two days. Good stuff."


    20. Shameless

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    "That was an intense 6 weeks [and] 11 seasons of binging."


    21. Bob's Burgers

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    "Sucked me right in. I never wanted to try it due to the art style until a friend forced me to watch the pilot, but it’s become my favorite show."


    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    What TV show grabbed you from the very first episode? Let us know your favorite in the comments below!

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