"The Batman" Cast In Their First Major Roles Vs. Now

    Batman is officially back.

    Welcome back to Gotham City.

    Robert Pattinson in The Batman

    The Batman has finally arrived in theaters, and it's an all-new cast this time around.

    The Batman

    If you're curious where the actors got their start before they entered the DC Comics universe, I've got you covered. Take a look:

    To start, years before Robert Pattinson starred in the Twilight franchise, he made his on-screen debut as Cedric Diggory in 2005's Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    And now he plays Bruce Wayne aka Batman:

    Bruce Wayne in The Batman

    Zoë Kravitz's very first film role was Charlotte in 2007's No Reservations:

    Charlotte in No Reservations

    And now she plays Selina Kyle aka Catwoman:

    Catwoman in The Batman

    Colin Farrell's first major recurring role on a TV series was Danny Byrne in the late '90s show Ballykissangel:

    Colin Farrel in Ballykissangel

    And now he plays Oswald Cobblepot aka the Penguin:

    Oswald Cobblepot in The Batman

    One of Paul Dano's breakout film roles was Klitz in the 2004 comedy, The Girl Next Door.

    Paul Dano in The Girl Next Door

    And now he plays the villainous Riddler:

    The Riddler in The Batman

    John Turturro got his start back in the '80s with his role as Carl Cody in To Live and Die in L.A.:

    John Turturro in To Live and Die in L.A.

    And now he plays Carmine Falcone:

    Carmine Falcone in The Batman

    In the earlier days of his movie career, Peter Sarsgaard portrayed Mark in 2004's Garden State:

    And now he plays District Attorney Gil Colson:

    Gil Colson in The Batman

    Jeffrey Wright appeared as Sidney in the 1993 TV series, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

    Jeffrey Wright in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

    And now he plays Lt. James Gordon:

    Lt. James Gordon in The Batman

    Andy Serkis got his start in TV when he played Peter Moran in 1989's The New Statesman:

    Andy Serkis on the red carpet

    And finally, now he plays Bruce Wayne's loyal butler and friend, Alfred:

    Alfred in The Batman

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