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    The Most Accurate Fan Reactions To Netflix's "I Care A Lot"

    Rosamund Pike is at it again.

    Need a new movie to watch this weekend? Netflix just dropped I Care a Lot on Feb. 19 — and it has already climbed to No. 1 on the streaming service's most-watched list.

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    The thriller stars Gone Girl's Rosamund Pike, Eiza González, Peter Dinklage, and Chris Messina. It's full of unexpected twists and turns as a crooked guardianship scam soon turns sour.

    Eiza Gonzalez and Rosamund Pike in I Care a Lot

    Fans have had a lot to say about I Care a Lot, so we've rounded up the best reactions to the new film so far. Check them out below:


    Rosamund Pike in a villain role is my favorite thing on earth. #ICareALot

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @jay_kitti


    Netflix / Via Twitter: @letterboxd


    “no one looks good in yellow” rosamund pike: hold my vape

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @streep_lover


    Rosamund Pike and Peter Dinklage are so damn enjoyable to watch in scenes together. Absolutely amazing casting. #ICareALot

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @janelletweed


    me watching me watching Rosamund Pike on Rosamund Pike Gone Girl on I Care a Lot

    Disney / Via Twitter: @itslateprincess


    Marla and Fran are con artists: Me: I’m on their side 🥺 What they are doing is wrong: Me: I SAID, I AM ON THEIR SIDE 😤 #ICareALot #ICareALotNetflix

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @NomfusiLengs


    I’ve seen your #ICareALot double bill with Gone Girl suggestions and raise you...

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @ThatsOurLewis


    Petition for Peter Dinklage's hair to form a boyband please. #ICareALotNetflix

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @yoongkilove


    okay fine this tie as a belt outfit was a serve #ICareALot #ICareALotNetflix

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @ilyksoodoh


    Is it just me or does Peter Dinklage give off major BDE? I’m watching #ICareALot and I’m just like

    NBC / Via Twitter: @maryyyyyd_


    There really should be more discourse about how good Chris Messina is in #ICareALot

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @MrErikJackson


    Me at the ending of “I Care A Lot” on Netflix.

    @gxronimo / Via Twitter: @gxronimo


    Watched #ICareALot #ICareALotNetflix I loved it. It was difficult rooting for two teams of assholes but man it was a fun film! I was on the Edge of my seat until the end!

    @Ag3Nt_N / Via Twitter: @Ag3Nt_N


    chris messina and his suits in I CARE A LOT is just...a very personal thing

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @peytondani


    now WHAT THE FUCK was that ending of i care alot

    @polastrikova / Via Twitter: @polastrikova


    25 minutes in to ' I Care A Lot' on Netflix & my blood pressure is steaming hot!!! #ICareALotNetflix

    PBS / Via Twitter: @mikeypri1988


    me at the start of marla’s monologue in ‘i care a lot’

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @narcissasjedi


    just finished i care alot and if she wanted to scam me i would absolutely let her

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @lixibian


    I care alot on Netflix was a fucking phenomenal movie. Finally I found a director that was able to make a film that wasn’t predictable.

    @Sm22ve / Via Twitter: @Sm22ve


    Watching I care alot and this lady is crazy 😂😂

    @GT_ICON / Via Twitter: @GT_ICON


    rosamund pike’s opening line in i care a lot: look at you, sitting there me, who’s sitting there:

    @@josepedropascal / Via Twitter: @josepedropascal


    "I Care Alot" reaffirmed my celebrity crush on Peter Dinklage goodbye

    @KiggleBear / Via Twitter: @KiggleBear


    me watching the ending of #ICareALot

    @ERIKAMARTIN / Via Twitter: @ERlKAMARTlN


    rosamund pike proving it once again that no one plays a master manipulator much like her #ICareALot

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @busybea20


    I'm kind of shocked at all the ppl gutted by the I care a lot ending. I'd have been mad if it hadn't ended that way. #ICareALot

    @eeyoreinpink / Via Twitter: @eeyoreinpink


    I can’t express enough how much joy I get when I see Peter Dinklage on my screen🥺🥰😆#ICareALot

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @sylviemahad


    12 minutes in and I already hate this bitch. #ICareALot

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @tangled30


    I was rooting for Peter Dinklage the whole time in #ICareALot

    NBC / Via Twitter: @ahippymermaid


    rosamund pike is so good at playing bad unbothered bitches i have no choice but to stan #ICareALot

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @streep_lover


    eiza gonzáles and rosamund pike’s chemistry is unreal. watch me talk about them for a long time. #ICareALot

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @gorjessicaaa


    Yup, Rossamund Pike did it again; the annoying pyscho bitch that we hate and love at the same time. #ICareALot #ICareALotNetflix

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @joshuamacchiato


    marla grayson and fran are debbie ocean and lou from the crime universe in nursing homes #icarealot #oceans8

    Netflix / Warner Bros. / Via Twitter: @bestfactresses


    Netflix / Via Twitter: @virginaswoolf


    I love that we finally get a morally corrupt confident bad bitch female character. There's been men playing the role forever, like Leo in Wolf of wall street. #ICareALot #ICareALotNetflix

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @emacdaddy1234


    I don’t remember the last time I did not root for a lead character. At all. Me at the end of #ICareALot

    @iamtikasumpter / Via Twitter: @iamtikasumpter


    Saw a movie today on Netflix I care alot. And I think there is a lesson in there for everyone. Don't fuck with people who can ruin your life. Don't fuck with people who are prepared to kill to defend their interests. In simple terms, don't fuck with people.

    @Osi_Suave / Via Twitter: @Osi_Suave

    Have you streamed I Care a Lot? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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