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23 Petty Venmo Requests

Petty party of one.

Writer Nicole Cliffe recently asked people on Twitter to name the most ~unreasonable~ Venmo requests they've ever sent or received.

And some of the requests were petty as hell. Here are some of the most hilarious responses:

1. This "friend" who took sharing salsa a little too seriously:

2. This person who took one bite but still had to split the bill:

3. This ex's post-breakup revenge:

4. This guy who felt jilted on how much pepperoni he got:

5. This ghosted date who realized time is money:

6. This awful hotel getaway:

7. This friend who didn't want to share their water:

8. This petty roommate:

9. This French fry debacle:

10. This petty roommate's bathroom move:

11. This person who didn't want to lose out on their edibles:

12. This coworker who wanted to be paid for doing a favor:

13. This bread lover who had to pay by the slice:

14. This friend who got charged for eating some grapes:

15. This unlucky casino date night:

16. This sibling's pizza payback:

17. This coworker who got charged for snacking:

18. This awkward brunch:

19. This unfairly split bill:

20. This lost-and-found moment:

21. This road trip buddy who got ditched:

22. This wine drinker who found out sharing isn't caring:

23. And finally, this raw dinner party: