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16 Reactions To Netflix's "Enola Holmes" That Are So Accurate

A new era for Sherlock Holmes fans.

If you're looking for your next movie watch on Netflix, you won't be disappointed in Enola Holmes. Based on Nancy Springer's YA book series, the film is full of witty banter, charm, and a series of mysterious clues.

The stellar cast includes Millie, Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin, Helena Bonham Carter, and newcomer Louis Partridge.

Fans can't seem to stop talking about Enola Holmes, so we rounded up the funniest reactions so far. Check them out below:


im sorry peter kavinsky but im also in love with viscount tewkesbury now #EnolaHolmes


undoubtedly the best part of #EnolaHolmes


Henry Cavill’s hair in #EnolaHolmes That’s it. That’s the tweet.


if you don't like the long hair tewkesbury then you don't deserve the short one too😌😁🖐🏼 #EnolaHolmes


I sent this to several friends. One of which lives with me Omg the cackling from the bathroom was just as amusing as the picture itself 😂😂 #SherlockHolmes #EnolaHolmes


Cavill vs Curl: Dawn of Hairstice #EnolaHolmes


I Liked #EnolaHolmes bcs the plot is awesome The plot:


Yes, hello. I’d like to marry into this family. #EnolaHolmes


Me after watching Enola Holmes: #EnolaHolmes #EnolaHolmesNetflix #strangerthings


Henry Cavill and his rebellious curls - I‘m so happy about the #EnolaHolmes bloopers 😍😍❤️ #HenryCavill


she was a punk he did ballet #EnolaHolmes


I accidentally spilled some wine on the couch while we were watching Enola Holmes and this happened 🤣🤣🤣



Enola Holmes is pure pleasure: mystery, mansions, secret women’s martial arts clubs and Millie Bobby Brown talking directly to camera like Ferris Bueller in a whale bone corset


I loved #EnolaHolmes on @netflix ! Really hope they make more of them; feels like they could easily turn into a franchise? Sidebar; PLEASE can I be in it playing her previously undiscovered aunt? 👒


If they want to make 47 more of these Enola Holmes movies, I’m in