Here Are All The TV Shows And Movies Where You've Seen The Cast Of "Deep Water"

    Let's dive into their IMDb pages.

    If you were a huge fan of Gone Girl, Deep Water is going to be right up your alley.

    Ben Affleck in Deep Water

    One part adulterous romance, one part murder mystery, and a whole lot of drama, the Amazon Prime Video release stars Ben Affleck, Ana de Armas, and Jacob Elordi, to name a few.

    Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas in Deep Water

    If you're curious where you've seen the cast before, keep on reading:

    To start, Ben Affleck plays Vic, Melinda's husband

    Ben Affleck in Deep Water

    Ana de Armas plays Melinda, Vic's wife

    Ana de Armas in Deep Water

    Tracy Letts plays Don Wilson, a suspicious newcomer to town

    Tracy Letts in Deep Water

    Grace Jenkins plays Trixie, Vic and Melinda's daughter

    Grace Jenkins in Deep Water

    Lil Rey Howery plays Grant, one of Vic's best friends

    Lil Rey Howery in Deep Water

    Dash Mihok plays Jonas Fernandez, another one of Vic's closest friends

    Dash Mihok in Deep Water

    Brendan Miller plays Joel Dash, one of Melinda's "friends"

    Brendan Miller in Deep Water

    Jacob Elordi plays Charlie De Lisle, another one of Melinda's suitors

    Jacob Elordi in Deep Water

    Finn Wittrock plays Tony Cameron, yet another person Melinda is having an affair with

    Finn Wittrock in Deep Water

    And finally, Kristen Connolly plays Kelly Wilson, Don's wife

    Kelly Connolly in Deep Water

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