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    19 Stunning Places In California That Prove It's Still The Most Incredible State

    Get ready to fall in love.

    The coronavirus pandemic is still impacting travel, and destinations around the world have different COVID-19 restrictions in place. Always check and adhere to local government policies, and use our content to dream about a future trip.

    Over the past few months, California has been affected by some of the worst wildfires in history. People have tragically lost their lives, homes, and businesses — and the fires are still burning.

    You can help those affected by making a donation to a relief organization, such as the Red Cross or the California Fire Foundation.

    But one thing that's true about the Golden State is just how resilient it can be. Beauty is still here, and California is rebuilding and fighting back each day. We've rounded up some of the most breathtaking destinations so you can add them to your future bucket list.

    1. Cypress Tree Tunnel

    A drive-thru tunnel made of towering cypress trees that curve in.

    2. Joshua Tree National Park

    A sunset desert oasis with rocks and cactuses.

    3. Fern Canyon

    A lush path with lots of greenery.

    4. Bowling Ball Beach

    A serene beach setting with smooth rocks like bowling balls.

    5. Mono Lake

    A sunset view of a serene lake and unique limestone formations

    6. Glass Beach

    Smooth glass pebbles take the place of sand on a beach

    7. Lands End

    A rock maze overlooking an ocean and city view.

    8. McWay Falls

    A bird's eye view of ocean water, sand a tall waterfall.

    9. Yosemite National Park

    A view of the woods and towering rock formations.

    10. Muir Woods National Monument

    A walkway surrounded by towering redwood trees.

    11. The Racetrack

    A desert setting with a moving rock's imprints in the ground.

    12. Emerald Bay State Park

    A picturesque view of the vast lake and surrounding woods.

    13. Lava Beds National Monument

    A dark, underground cave with light popping through the top.

    14. Burney Falls

    A cascading waterfall with the sun and trees nearby.

    15. Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

    A vibrant field of poppies.

    16. Santa Catalina Island

    An overhead view of a waterfront town with buildings and boats nearby.

    17. Capitola Beach

    A colorful row of rainbow houses by the beach.

    18. Bixby Bridge

    An overhead view of a large bridge by the water.

    19. Morro Bay

    A large rock formation by the beach.

    To help those affected by the California wildfires, you can make a donation to the Red Cross, the California Fire Foundation, or another relief organization.

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