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    • michaelt16

      This is just sad. Warren Buffett himself freely admits (admitted, years ago) that it’s the uberwealthy who have been waging the war on the rest of us and that they’re winning. Repeated rounds of tax cuts to the highest earners, for decades, never produced any statistically-significant GDP growth; neither did repeated cuts to capital gains taxes. Busting unions did not decrease the cost of goods/services for shit; it merely gave employers far more leverage to dictate your compensation into a flat line for the past 40 yrs, despite your productivity having doubled over the same period. Yet here you choose to beat the shit out of one another instead of taking the fight to the ones who are shelling the piss out of you, and if only you’d look up for a moment, look at the mountains of evidence, you’d see which direction those bombs have been coming from. And quit blaming the politicians for a moment and take a look in the mirror, for fuck’s sake — you elected them and can kick them out. Or did you not elect them? Do you vote? Are you upset about your supposedly-limited choices? ~80% of eligible voters don’t participate in their primary elections so you (we) have almost zero excuse. Get your acts together, VOTE IN PRIMARIES, and you can bend the U.S. House to Representatives to your whim with ease, and the Senate isn’t too much more difficult, with 1/3 up for election each cycle. But you’re gonna have to care enough to quit taking turns bopping one another over the heads for a little while. And for the love of [deity_of_choice or no_deity] don’t listen to the Tea Party folks for advice. “A robust economy produces riches; the rich do not produce a robust economy.”

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